• Well, that’s that

    Tim Pope is generously matching donations between now and Christmas on any of his Github projects. All money goes to Vim’s charity, ICCF Holland, that helps children in Uganda. Thanks Tim!

  • Spammers Give Up


    It’s official. Spammers have officially given up – it no longer matters what they say, so long as you get an email to fill your inbox.

    I checked my hotmail account that I only use to receive registration emails and such, so of course it’s filled with spam. I see this subject in an email:

    “Stretch Her Penis Slide Apart xqgmnrb”

    Now I ask you… will it really mighty her penis, man?!

    My real concern is whether you’re stretching her “penis slide” apart, or whether you can somehow stretch her penis, then slide apart. The latter is more probable, I have to suppose, because of the possibility of Transformer-like female penii. They transform from a penis slide into giant robot penis slides.

    Maybe he just got himself too hot about female penis slides to finish his sentence.

  • If only I had talent

    So I had an idea for a Halffull comic, titled “The Refurbisher.”

    It’d be about a ninja-like person who’d break into peoples’ houses and refurbish things. Could be furniture, devices, anything. Sometimes he’d screw up.

    “Renovation – whether you like it or not”

    Am I insane or genius? I see a fine line in the distance.