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  • eXeem – can it succeed where other file-sharing has failed?

    eXeem is the next wave in file sharing. They just released their first beta today. Don’t download it. The official version is filled with spyware. Not a good omen, I know, but KaZaA started the same way, and we eventually got our file-sharing salvation in the form of KaZaA Lite. (You may be able to […]

  • Referer Spam

    Spammers are just getting lazy. Even lazier than before. For a miniscule chance of spamming a single person, i.e. referer spam, a spammer will go to incredible lengths. They’re almost as delusional as most of the people on American Idol… Referer spam is the process of going to a website and faking certain information, the […]

  • A Service to our IE Users

    So another massive security hole in Internet Explorer was found today, not that it’s too surprising. Even with SP2 and all the recent updates, just going to a website can modify or delete any file on your computer. Trash it. And if the past is any guide, it won’t be fixed for months. Secunia’s solution? […]

  • Emacs vs. Vi: The Showdown

    Why is vi(m) superior to Emacs? Many reasons, the two chief ones being: modes chicks.   —> Standard disclaimer: I have used both editors for significant amounts of time.

  • Binary Decision

    So I’m sitting at work, perusing assembly code for missile guidance systems, and I realize… I just might be a geek. And then I realized that I probably shouldn’t be doing this at work, nor telling you. But it is funny. And thank God for secure connections. I mean, how could I properly slack off […]