Category: Tech

  • Vim 7 Features

    Here’s a great, quick walkthrough of new Vim 7 features. I love the bracket highlighting and undo branches.

  • Saved Up Reviews

    Some of these opinions are long overdue. Since my last review, I have come into delightful contact with many varied areas of consumer culture. The following presents my take, which, of course, you should use as only a part of your research if you are spending your hard-earned and heavily-taxed money. Sennheiser HD580 headphones I’ve […]

  • First Impression: Inspiron 6000

    I recently convinced myself to purchase a laptop. As blue midget will attest to, this took considerable mental effort on my part. (don’t call me cheap!) I knew it’d be nice to have for attending techie user groups, for travel, and for just-plain-being-better-than-my-old-computer, but the kicker was the possibility of having to travel for work. […]

  • PHP is Strange Voodoo

    All I want is a simple database management program. All I need is to create tables, rows, and fields, insert or edit data, things that aren’t always convenient on the mysql command line. (editing of data in particular.) The only decent program I’ve found is phpMyAdmin, which of course requires a web server and php. […]

  • Review: Palm Zire 31 and Z22

    A deathmatch or a friendship?

  • Google Talk

    I caught this one before it was even released! Tomorrow (supposedly) Google is releasing a new service, Google Talk, which is basically a public Jabber server for anyone with a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you have no excuse, as I was offering them to anyone a few months back. I’m […]

  • Wiki This, Wiki That

    I’m normally not one for wikis. Point me at a MediaWiki that’s not Wikipedia and I’ll barf. Initially I hated them because the concept of letting anyone edit your web page is repugnant, to say the least. I came to accept that, in certain cases, they could be useful as knowledge centers. If you don’t […]

  • New Server, asmallorange

    Two important points today. I got a new web hosting provider, asmallorange, this weekend. I’ve tested everything I can think of on the site, and the only issue so far is that the database transfer wasn’t perfect – in some posts with double-quote marks, the right quote is replaced by a weird black symbol and […]

  • Google does it again

    Ok, so I was about a week late announcing the goodness that is Backpack. But this is just so cool I couldn’t wait. Google introduced a new homepage, something like My Yahoo, except that it doesn’t suck. I know that’s a subtle distinction for the Yahoo engineers sometimes – particularly the ones working on the […]