Category: Tech

  • Kindles finally available

    You can actually buy a Kindle from Amazon now… I’d love to try one, but I’m still not sure on the interface.

  • You Suck at Photoshop

    Learn Photoshop in three parts… restraining order optional.

  • Eve Kills boot.ini, Or: Why I Won’t Be Playing Eve

    I’m a programmer by trade. I read a lot of tech-related and programming sites, both for the good tips and the horror stories. We’ve all heard about the IT guy who forgot to backup the production server (oops!) or the janitor who unplugged the AC in the server room (ouch!). All kinds of fun in…

  • Microsoft Surface

    It’s not an iPhone… it’s a big ass table.

  • Software I Love

    Over the years, a few pieces of software have really impressed me. They’re not just refined, they go a step beyond their competitors to produce a more elegant experience. Here is my short list. Vim – if I were stuck on a desert island with only one program, it’d be Vim. At least I could…

  • Why Linux

    Here’s a great list of the best things you can do in Linux but not Windows. I’ve never quite been able to phrase why I prefer Linux, but it seems Daniel Martin did it for me.

  • Vimperator

    If you’re a vim freak like me, check out vimperator – it basically converts Firefox into vim. Everything is keyboard controlled; it even hides the toolbars. Completions, regular expressions, modal browsing, the works. Great idea.

  • Cellular Companies Preventing Progress? A Wireless World

    The world is going wireless. We’ve been seeing the trend for 20 years, and it’s really gained momentum in the last five. Not only do all new laptops have wifi built in, but many new desktop computers do as well. It’s getting difficult to find someone who doesn’t own a cell phone. Portable music players,…

  • My Wife Knows Computers

    When I need a new computer, I rely on my wife. She’s the expert. wife: what about from Falcon? wife: I’m totally going to check their site and price out a spectacular computer for you wife: you’ll be totally amazed at my computer prowess wife: MACH 5! wife: the best of the best wife: and…