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  • New Server redux

    In an effort to simplify, I’ve moved the site yet again, this time to the much simpler hosted version of WordPress run by Automattic. I had been maintaining the site on a Linode for years (sorry I never posted about that) and they’re great, but I need more time to focus. So far, has […]

  • Hosting Switch – asmallorange to Dreamhost

    The Problem An older post about asmallorange said that I was happy with their web hosting. Support tickets were resolved quickly, the team was courteous and friendly, and I really got a sense of professional respect. Unfortunately, I can no longer give that recommendation. Several problems surfaced over the two years in which Halffull was […]

  • Great news!

    Halffull has been bought by Yahoo! They’ve ramped up their acquisition efforts, and they recognize the potential offered by our distributed humor platform. I’ll have a lot more information for you within a day or so, but for now, I have to tell you that I’m really excited. Not only will I get paid to […]

  • Yet another style

    Yet another new style – like it? Huh? Do you? I’m fairly proud of this one.

  • Multiple homepage posts

    I’m going to try having two posts on the homepage so that content sticks around a bit longer. I figure it’ll be better with multiple authors, so no one feels slighted. Let me know what you think!

  • Feedburner

    I’m even trying out Feedburner for my feeds, which should require no change on your end. I’m hoping it’ll lessen bandwidth requirements, along with the stats.

  • Happy upgrade

    It sure is nice to have an upgraded, clean site. The old one was sort of a mess.

  • About Time

    This page hasn’t changed much in a while. That’ll change tomorrow. I’ve been delaying an upgrade of the site for too long, because I’ve made so many custom modifications that it would become more of an overhaul. Still, it’s about time, and the best plan seems to be a clean upgrade with a new (or […]

  • For Those About to Blog, We Salute You

    If you checked into the site this weekend, you might have noticed redshift’s post about someone who copied and pasted an entire article from this site and copied it onto their weblog. A couple of hours after he posted it, we found a couple of other people who had also copied entire articles from this […]