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  • Bolt-action Pen Review: The Right Choice Painting Company

  • Trackball Reviews and Ergonomics

    I’m a programmer and a gamer, so I spend most of my day using a keyboard and mouse.  I haven’t had serious issues with repetitive strain injury, but my hands and forearms do get tired and uncomfortable after a long day on the computer or a number of days without a break.  I’ve tried a […]

  • How To Fix a Fedora Bug, Plus Free Mini-Review

    In the spirit of my previous Exherbo review and guide to fixing an Ubuntu crash, let’s do the same for Fedora! I was growing a bit tired of the development lag in Crunchbang Linux and needed a new distribution. I want a well-built system that doesn’t take too much administration so I can focus on […]

  • Energy Drink Reviews – Part 5

    This is a continuation of part 4 of my energy drink reviews, a special on ABB. Adrenalyn Stack – Berry Energizing: 7/10 First you get a strong blast of berry flavor, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. It fades to a general fruity flavor, similar to the Subzero Red, but has a slightly chalkier […]

  • Energy Drink Reviews – Part 4

    American Body Building was nice enough to send over a case of their energy drinks to review. I guess I’m an “authority” on energy drinks now. (Sweet.) See part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my energy drink reviews for non-ABB products. Note that free products are great, but they don’t affect the ratings. […]

  • Energy Drink Review: Inko’s White Tea Energy

    Mini-review: Inko’s White Tea Energy. 7/10. I appreciate that it’s all-natural, but it’s slightly too bitter for me. You definitely won’t get jitters from its tea caffeine, but you won’t be fully alert, either.

  • ABB Energy Drinks

    American Body Building sent me a case of energy drinks to try out because of my prior reviews. So far – very impressed. I’ll post a series of reviews as I work through the different varieties.

  • Energy Drink Reviews – Part 3

    This is a continuation of parts one and two of my energy drink reviews. I’m trying to find an energy drink to keep me productive at work without too much sugar. Sobe Power: 8/10 This is a nice break from the artificial tastes of typical energy drinks. It’s a standard fruit punch flavor but there’s […]

  • Energy Drink Reviews – Part 2

    This is a continuation of part one of my energy drink reviews. I’m trying to find an energy drink to keep me productive at work without too much sugar. Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink: 2/10 Tastes like honey. Honey that just fell out of a bee’s ass. A homeless bee that hasn’t showered in a […]