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  • Eve Kills boot.ini, Or: Why I Won’t Be Playing Eve

    I’m a programmer by trade. I read a lot of tech-related and programming sites, both for the good tips and the horror stories. We’ve all heard about the IT guy who forgot to backup the production server (oops!) or the janitor who unplugged the AC in the server room (ouch!). All kinds of fun in…

  • Top 10 Stories From National Geographic

    National Geographic has compiled their top ten news stories from 2006.

  • Pastrami and Cheesecake Diet

    Idiot goes on Atkins Diet, doesn’t know what a diet is for — restricts his eating to mainly pastrami and cheesecake. Tries to sue after his cholesterol shoots up to 246 and must undergo angioplasty surgery. You are what you eat.

  • Space Colonization

    Stephen Hawking claims we must colonize other planets if we wish to survive.

  • Meteorite Organic Matter

    Meteorite’s Organic Matter Older than the Sun

  • Dark Energy

    National Geographic: Mysterious Dark Energy Has Existed for Most of Time, Scientists Say

  • Giant Space Blob

    Very cool – Japanese astronomers have discovered a giant space blob about 200-million light years wide. It is now the largest known object in the universe.

  • Important Dates

    Over the next couple of months there are some important things happening. Basically, it’s my chance to tell you what awesome books and games are being released, as well as some holidays and their history – for both U.S. and Canada (Annual Bathtub Races!). I don’t really have a beat on what’s happening for movies…

  • Google does it again

    Ok, so I was about a week late announcing the goodness that is Backpack. But this is just so cool I couldn’t wait. Google introduced a new homepage, something like My Yahoo, except that it doesn’t suck. I know that’s a subtle distinction for the Yahoo engineers sometimes – particularly the ones working on the…