Category: Humor

  • Nintendo Choir

    The best five minutes of your life begins when you click this link. I cannot even say in words. I cried.

  • Unfortunately: Leather Pants on EBay

    Another email that was sent to me – way too funny to resist this one. Click on me for a big laugh. Scroll down and read his description. You won’t regret it.

  • New Abridged Script – Lord of War

    The Editing Room has added a new abridged script for Lord of War, alleging that this movie had some sort of plot. Who knew?

  • Vanilla Ice Killed My Computer

    The other night I was playing one of my WoW noobs when my computer completely froze up on me. I shut it off, waited a few seconds, and then started it up again. Unfortunately, my little magic computer gnomes decided to go AWOL. From somewhere inside my computer they said to me, “click click click…

  • New from The Editing Room

    About a month or so ago, we linked a very funny site called The Editing Room for it’s hilarious abridged Star Wars Episode III script. This site has become a new favorite of mine so I keep an eye on it. Previously, it had a strange web address that no one could remember or figure…

  • Star Wars: Revolutions

    I just couldn’t resist posting about this. This rewritten, abridged Episode 3 script is for anyone who was less than thrilled with Lucas’ version. I’m not even a Star Wars nut and I nearly wet myself.

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the new HHGttG trailer. (old trailer) I cried when I saw it. I cried again when I noticed they moved the date up to April 29. Then I watched it again.

  • Spammers Give Up

    It’s official. Spammers have officially given up – it no longer matters what they say, so long as you get an email to fill your inbox. I checked my hotmail account that I only use to receive registration emails and such, so of course it’s filled with spam. I see this subject in an email:…

  • If only I had talent

    So I had an idea for a Halffull comic, titled “The Refurbisher.” It’d be about a ninja-like person who’d break into peoples’ houses and refurbish things. Could be furniture, devices, anything. Sometimes he’d screw up. “Renovation – whether you like it or not” Am I insane or genius? I see a fine line in the…