Category: Humor

  • The World’s Most Dangerous Comic

    The guy calls himself “The World’s Most Dangerous Comic“.  He’s not really a comedian, as he is absolutely freaking nuts.

  • The Gamer’s Life

    According to the Oxford Dictionary, a community is “a group of people living together in one place; a group of people with a common religion, race, or profession; the holding of certain attitudes and interests in common.” Thusly, those who play computer games have also become a community known either as “the gaming community” or…

  • Editing Room – Pirates of the Caribbean

    The Editing Room has graced us with yet another script. Pop on over to read Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Strangely enough it reads similarly to Revenge of the Sith, but with less whining and a female lead who can act.

  • The Hoff’s New Video

    Who in the hell buys this shit? Germans. Check out The Hoff’s new video, “Get In My Car“.

  • Red Dwarf Phantom Menace

    Red Dwarf Phantom Menace Episode I – I’m not sure why I found this so funny.  You probably won’t get this unless you know Red Dwarf.

  • Engrish


  • Kid Caught Singing Gnarls Barkley Song

    Check this out on – This kid forgets that he doesn’t have a doorknob and is caught on camera by his older brother singing and dancing to Gnarls Barkley’s new song Crazy.

  • Fark Photoshop

    I’ve found that the photoshops on Fark have been lacking over the past few months, but this one should amuse.  The subject: If Scientologists Ruled the World.

  • Stuff on my cat!

    As a follow up to Evil Iggy’s dailykitten, here’s Stuff On My Cat!