Category: Humor

  • Little Fatty

    An internet cliche that escaped me — Little Fatty rules Chinese Web.  Independent Online Asia has a lot to say about the phenomenon that is Little Fatty.

  • Savage Chickens

    Evil Iggy introduced a funny comic to me, called Savage Chickens.  Cartoons + Sticky Notes = Brilliant

  • New Fark Cat Thread!

    New Fark cat thread!

  • Spelling is for morons!

    Note to up and coming journalists: For maximum impact of your article, remember to use spell check.  Lack of spell check results in unintentional hilarity in a tragic situation.  The Alaska Report gives us: School Bus PUNGES Off Overpass

  • Miami Vice

    New from the Editing Room: Miami Vice

  • Fark Photoshop – the Hoff!

    A new great Fark Photoshop:  Photoshop The Hoff.

  • Pug Bowling

    Pug Bowling on!

  • Fark Kitty Thread

    IM IN UR FRIDGE EATIN UR FOODZ! Head on over to the Fark Kitty Thread – be sure to check out the posts from Ryoshin and cpux.

  • Canadian Idol

    I’m a bit behind on – here’s a Canadian Idol contestant farting for the judges.