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Eating Sushi

by redshift

You may not be eating sushi correctly

Rejected WiiPlay Games

by redshift

Awesome video of some rejected WiiPlay games. I don’t even want to spoil it.

LOL President Thread

by blue midget

For those of you who don’t read fark.com, check out the LOL Presidents thread.

The Editing Room: 300

by blue midget

The Editing Room is back from a long hiatus with an abridged script of 300!

The Editing Room: Deja Vu

by blue midget

New abridged script from The Editing Room:  Deja Vu

Truth be told, I’ve never heard of this movie, and after reading the abridged script, I’m glad for that.

My Wife Knows Computers

by redshift

When I need a new computer, I rely on my wife. She’s the expert.

wife: what about from Falcon?
wife: I’m totally going to check their site and price out a spectacular computer for you
wife: you’ll be totally amazed at my computer prowess

wife: MACH 5!
wife: the best of the best
wife: and it involves silicon
wife: which is like big boobies
wife: so obviously this is the one you want to get
wife: and I’m going to configure it for you as well

wife: I clicked on the “Bragging Rights” computer
wife: which costs slightly less than your car did.
wife: ok how about the middle one?
wife: it’s like $5k
wife: that’s chump change!
wife: for donald trump.

wife: i selected the chassis with teh FLAMES
wife: what’s a computer chassis?
wife: I don’t know
wife: but this one has FLAMES

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Oh the beemanity

by redshift

Oh the beemanity!

The Abridged Script: The Holiday

by blue midget

The Abridged Script released a very short adaptation of “The Holiday.”

The Editing Room: Casino Royale

by blue midget

New from The Editing Room: Casino Royale!  With a Leeroy Jenkins moment:  “You’re no match for my mathematical genius, Daniel. Your chance of beating me on this hand is only 32.33, repeating of course.

Little Fatty

by blue midget

An internet cliche that escaped me — Little Fatty rules Chinese WebIndependent Online Asia has a lot to say about the phenomenon that is Little Fatty.