Rushing to the flags

by hulk

I still haven’t graduated from high school. Oh sure, it was 5 years ago, and they gave me a nice neat diploma with my name on it, but I don’t think I’ve left. I still see drama queens, men rushing around showing off their muscles, their power, expecting you to be impressed by their mental prowess, position, “knowledge”, title, who they know, how many years they’ve been there. I can’t say much about the women because their simply aren’t many that I see day to day, except the ones outside my group kinda suck just as bad as the men they work with. So it’s equal opportunity sucking. Oh and it sure does cross ethnicities too, not that I ever bought into the white-guilt hooey that anyone who isn’t white is all diverse and special and should be treated differently.

I’ve just spent a week in a six sigma class in which I’m supposed to be impressed by the Master Black Belts, and I worked in a group with one of them. He’s a fraud. If he’s supposed to have ultimate knowledge of six sigma then I weep for six sigma. It has such promise, and yet it’s already being adulterated. It’s been adopted by upper management. They’ve thrown out all the parts involving hard work, the stuff in which you have an in-depth understanding of why and how to do six sigma. If you don’t know why, then you don’t know when to use tools and when not to use tools, and what the tools really mean. It becomes cookbook, where no one is expected to think, just do, action action action, and would you please look this way dear and makeup! get over here and powder her face again she needs to look perfect for this shot.

It becomes a special club where you have to know the right people and play the right golf game to get in, it doesn’t matter how competent you are as long as you’re buddy buddy with your boss’s boss, you’ll move up and get that title of Master Black Belt. Hey, why do the work? Let the computer fill it out for you, let the underlings do it, you’re busy making the high level important decisions. While you’re at it send out another inspiring email about how proud the employees should be to work here, and by the way there still will be no reimbursement for travel below the middle manager level. We all need to make sacrifices!

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Truth Eats Darwinism, Or: Threatened by God

by hulk

All the newsmagazines this week are busy copying each other’s articles about the nativity. The shocking new evidence is that it’s all one big lie, Jesus was never in Bethlehem, wasn’t born in a manger, no angels, no three kings, and Mary wasn’t a virgin. The unwritten line? No God.

It’s funny. We have so many educated people in this country who are completely unable to turn their thought processes on themselves. They’ll hear about a book that has withstood several centuries but refuse to consider why they feel compelled to treat it in such a manner. So you prove that the Bible doesn’t necessarily contain facts. NO SHIT. I sincerely doubt that God helped Jeremeiah blow a horn seven times and some evil city fell. Didn’t happen. God doesn’t do that stuff. But I submit, for your approval, that the motive and the unwritten thesis of this kind of journalistic investigation is the belief that there is no God. And I believe the primary motive for that is that these people are threatened by God. They associate God with a man in a big hat telling them how they’ve sinned. And both have lost the message. God isn’t interested in punishment. If you controlled all of creation, would you worry about bossing little people around? Well, you might do it at first, as shown in the game “Black&White”, but you’d get sick of it after a while. So maybe God did oppress us for a little while… that would explain why he was such a dick in the Old Testament. Anyway, Sin isn’t about arbitrary rules imposed on you by God, but by other men trying to control you. Read the rest of this entry »

I just feel… wrong

by hulk

What a day to be a conservative. Bush wins re-election, uncontested, with more popular votes than any president since Reagan. The Republicans strengthen their positions in the House and Senate. I didn’t check state legislatures. And Yasser Arafat is ill and is not doing well. I hope Death is waiting outside his hospital room in Paris.

And yet I can’t help feeling…kinda bad. It’s like when you play a game of basketball with a younger sibling and you feel bad when you win 10-0. Not that democrats are younger siblings, I’m just not thinking of a better analogy right now. Something involving competition. So I gotta wonder, *how did this happen*?

Part of why I feel bad is that this wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be close. There were supposed to more democrats than republicans. There were supposed to be millions of passionate liberal young new voters. Where were they? Too lazy to vote. Read the rest of this entry »

Sinclair Broadcast Group

by hulk

I posted some great rant yesterday (or thought I did) and then forgot to click submit, and now I’m too lazy to write it again. But here’s this short and sweet bit. This Sinclair organization, a fairly large media group owning stations in several states, including battleground states, and reaching an estimated 25% of the country, has anounced that it will be airing a program with Vietnam POW’s who claim that they were personally harmed by statements made by a younger Kerry before Congress in which he claimed that US soldiers committed atrocities on a widespread scale. This is pretty normal for a liberal, to take out their dissatisfaction with themselves on their society and their country and to whine about how much they wish that the US was like the rest of the world. But they don’t leave because they know how good they have it here and how much better the US is than any other country on this planet.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, after this anouncement, the DNC filed suit with the FCC and the federal elections commission. The complaint with the FCC is improper use of public airwaves, and the compaint with the FEC is an illegal campaign contribution in the form of this program.

Sinclair defends itself by saying it’s not some slanted program. They were approached by these POW’s who wanted to get their story out. They reviewed the POW’s story for several weeks, making sure, as one of their representatives stated, that there were no “forged documents”, and now they’re anouncing this program to air in a week or so. The program has not been made yet, all they’re doing is using the POW documentary as base material and they’ve invited Senator Kerry to come on. They also say that this is just news, and it’s ridiculous to claim that news is a campaign contribution just because it’s harmful to either candidate. When car bombs go off in Iraq it hurts Bush, but is that claimed by the RNC as an illegal campaign contribution? Nope.

When asked about this, senior Kerry campaign advisor Chad Clinton stated, “They better hope we don’t win,” referring to the Sinclair media group.

And yet Bush is called a Nazi?

The End of Manufacturing, Or: Who REALLY killed JFK

by hulk

I was driving through (deleted) today, exploring the suburbs, especially the west side since I’m more familiar with the east. I didn’t find much. But on my way back, I drove through the skeletal remains of (deleted). Humongous buildings, now partially rented out to little manufacturing companies and mostly empty. And these buildings are cool. I drove by a theater at (deleted), whether for displaying moving film or for the entertainment of the employees, I don’t know. Then I drove south through a depressed neighborhood full of beautiful mansions that are now subdivided into apartments and falling apart. And I thought of the age of manufacturing, and how it’s dead now.

Manufacturing drove this country and its wants and needs for three centuries. And now we’re left with abandoned industrial parks and products stamped with “Made in China”. You can’t blame the Chinese, they’re people who want to work and feed their kids too. You can’t blame the companies; contrary to popular belief among drugged-out long-haired white twenty-somethings, most companies are not run by soulless bastards. It’s just simply cheaper to produce things in China. Granted, it hurts the community here, and sometimes (though increasingly less so) quality suffers. But if they don’t find cheaper labor, a competitor will go to China and you’ll start buying the competitor’s products and then *everyone* at the first company is out of a job.try and its wants and needs for three centuries. And now we’re left with abandoned industrial parks and products stamped with “Made in China”. You can’t blame the Chinese, they’re people who want to work and feed their kids too. You can’t blame the companies; contrary to popular belief among drugged-out long-haired white twenty-somethings, most companies are not run by soulless bastards. It’s just simply cheaper to produce things in China. Granted, it hurts the community here, and sometimes (though increasingly less so) quality suffers. But if they don’t find cheaper labor, a competitor will go to China and you’ll start buying the competitor’s products and then EVERYONE at the first company is out of a job. Read the rest of this entry »

Rape, Murder, Burn CALL!

by hulk

America’s Most Wanted has got some seriously skewed priorities. I don’t know how they decide to do the stories that they do. Assuming they’re not total morons. I’m guessing that it’s probably the more interesting the story is, the more airtime it gets. So when they have a story full of details and witnesses and something to say, they’ll run that, regardless of the severity of the crime. Now, I’m going to preface my rant by saying that I don’t necessarily blame them, because they have mouths to feed and bills to pay just like anyone else. More likely over there in Hollywood though, they have addictions to feed and mouths to pay, as Jewel tells us.

However, last night hit a new low, even for them. See, they have a bad habit of running a certain story for, say 20-30 minutes. Then later on in the show, you’ll get little crime blips. They’ll show a picture and say “This man killed 3 people. CALL!” Now, when you’ve just watched 30 minutes of them talking to the guy married to Carmen Electra and how upsetting the murder of his mother was, and it happened TEN YEARS AGO, you gotta ask yourself, “WTF?”. You’d FIGURE that it should be the more severe crimes or more dangerous criminals get more air time. But no. This brings us to last night, where they spent 20 minutes talking about a guy who robbed a couple Burger Kings and then escaped from jail. Then later in the show they come up with pictures of two men and say, “These men raped a teenager and then burned her alive. Call if you have information.” Now you look back at the 20 minutes spent on the Burger King guy. Then you look at the 20 seconds spent on the rapists/murderers. Then your brain skips a beat, and you probably either blink, laugh, or scream (laughter occurs when your brain can’t reason through something, I heard that somewhere. The screaming is more natural in this case). So you start comparing the nature of the crimes. And you wonder what would happen if our moral codes were completely reversed. Read the rest of this entry »


by hulk

I don’t know where Darfur is, or why it has its own name. I’ve just seen a map highlighting the western part of Sudan. What I do know is that this isn’t being given enough attention. Between Darfur and Deslam (the school in Russia), I really gotta ask *wtf* is with our news coverage, and the priorites of our leaders. Why did Bush only mention either one a few times? Why is Colin Powell the only one in the freaking world talking about Darfur and calling it genocide? Where’s Kerry, calling on Bush to go in there and save these people?

This is going on now. These people, the ethnic Africans, are being systematically slaughtered by Arab militants. The government of Sudan is letting the militias do whatever they want, because the militias help the government maintain power. When first confronted by Powell, our great and noble European leaders, the wonderful French and Belgese and the rest of them *wouldn’t call it genocide*. They said that was too harsh, they needed to look into it. England at least went there and did an investigation, though that’s all they did. The UN? The security council? That wonderful security council? You remember how we were supposed to get the Security Council’s approval to invade Iraq, because it was the noble institution of cooperation with our wonderful allies? *They refused to sanction Sudan*. *Refused*. REFUSED. *REFUSED*. I’m typing in caps because this is insane and I am pissed off. Read the rest of this entry »

Screwing up the job, or: Learning the ugly truth

by hulk

Deleted out of fear based on what happened to that Delta Airlines stewardess. If companies can deny us our blogs, what else can they do?

Coke v. Pepsi

by hulk

Izzat inspired this one. “…Coke v. Pepsi…what happened to the middle ground?” That’s an excellent point. What did happen to the middle ground? RC Cola? Where did you go? Other than that, we’re left with store brands of cola, or sketchy brands of cola, like Bob’s Mexican Pop. Made with the freshest Mexican tapwater.

And what about Crystal Pepsi? They were talking about it on VH1’s I Love The 90s the other night, and they actually had unopened Crystal Pepsis…and were drinking them to mock them! I was horrified, because I was salivating. Give that to us, the ones who wanted it! I LOVED Crystal Pepsi! I didn’t care that the lack of color was unholy, it actually tasted so much better!

But no, now we have normal coke and pepsi and now C2 and Pepsi Edge. Why do we need low-carb soda? Have we not woken up from the fad yet? I mean what was wrong with diet soda? Is Sweet and Low a carb? Anyway, the ultimate question is Coke V. Pepsi. And I gotta say that cola is like wine.

Not that you should age it. That leads to bad things, like flat soda. No no, I mean you should always keep it cool when in storage, and that your tastes should change depending on the meal. With a heavier meal, you need the regular stuff from both. With a light meal, diet soda goes quite nicely, though I must say Diet Pepsi is kinda nasty. However, regular Pepsi clearly trumps Coke as an appetif. The higher sugar content helps you eat more, because it makes your blood sugar go nuts and kick your metabolism up. Or something. SCIENCE!

Coke, while it works for some meals, loses out to Pepsi when confronted with, say, a big steak, or lots of fried things. Coke goes better with a cheeseburger, while Pepsi goes with ribs. See what I’m saying? Diet Coke goes with a salad, or a light sandwhich. Diet Pepsi goes with nothing.

And low-carb soda is forbidden. I think all Atkins followers should be forced to drink Bob’s Mexican Pop.


Outfoxed, Or: Fox News = Biased

by hulk

So I’ve got an invitation from izzat to go to a houseparty to see “Outfoxed”, which is about how Fox News is anything but fair and balanced, and instead, promotes not just the Republican Party Line, but the line straight from the white house. It’s really amazing what the Kool-Aid drinkers are up to.

On a side note, in response to my Michael Moore rant, a friend of mine, who out of fear refuses to post here, said, “You should’ve seen the scene where he sits there for 11 minutes, looking like a lost puppy dog.” So let’s create an extreme caricature of someone, then start blaming them for the things that happen in our fantasies. The liberals think of Bush as some moron. So they laugh at things he never said, or things he didn’t do. He’s a lost puppy dog. He’s a man who’s just been told that the nation is under attack and trying to not lose composure in front of a classroom full of young children. What is he supposed to do? Say, “RUN CHILDREN! TONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING! AUGH!”. Would that be more presidential? Should he rush out of the room, worrying these kids and the country? Or should he sit there, continue to read as he did, and maintain a presidential appearance while considering his options and how to make an appropriate exit?

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