Author: blue midget

  • LOL President Thread

    For those of you who don’t read, check out the LOL Presidents thread.

  • The Editing Room: 300

    The Editing Room is back from a long hiatus with an abridged script of 300!

  • The Editing Room: Deja Vu

    New abridged script from The Editing Room:  Deja Vu Truth be told, I’ve never heard of this movie, and after reading the abridged script, I’m glad for that.

  • Goat Genital Painter Charged

    A man who was caught spray painting three goats’ genitals orange has been charged…  uh…

  • Math Dunces!

    England’s Math Dunces Baffled by Christmas Sale Offers!  “About 14.9 million adults in England do not have the maths skills expected of an 11-year old and may have problems working out even basic deals like “20 percent off” or “buy one, get the second half-price”, the Department of Education and Skills said.”  WTF!

  • Top 10 Stories From National Geographic

    National Geographic has compiled their top ten news stories from 2006.

  • Pastrami and Cheesecake Diet

    Idiot goes on Atkins Diet, doesn’t know what a diet is for — restricts his eating to mainly pastrami and cheesecake. Tries to sue after his cholesterol shoots up to 246 and must undergo angioplasty surgery. You are what you eat.

  • The Abridged Script: The Holiday

    The Abridged Script released a very short adaptation of “The Holiday.”

  • The Editing Room: Casino Royale

    New from The Editing Room: Casino Royale!  With a Leeroy Jenkins moment:  “You’re no match for my mathematical genius, Daniel. Your chance of beating me on this hand is only 32.33, repeating of course.“