Author: redshift

  • Review of Exherbo Linux (From A User’s Perspective)

    Exherbo is a Linux distribution led by a small team of opinionated developers. It’s lean, to say the least, but when they give you a solution for something you can believe it’s well engineered and that it does that task well – nothing more. Technically, Exherbo is most similar to Gentoo. It inherited some of…

  • Squirrel Appreciation Day

    Today is SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY. Go appreciate a squirrel. Give them a rib roast with acorn topping. They are superior beings.

  • The Tao is Silent

    I recommend Raymond Smullyan’s The Tao Is Silent if you want to think about ethics or metaphysics.

  • 10 Ways to Get Inspiration as a Programmer

    Sometimes I fall into the trap of reading about programming and not programming. I can’t always find an interesting project to work on, even though I know there are a sea of opportunities. If you have the same issue, here are some tips that might help. Hang out with other programmers. This is the best…

  • Android contest

    I’m a fan of Google’s Android effort – here’s a contest to win a T-Mobile G1 to try it out.

  • Programming Language Websites Need Code

    Please – if you’re making the website for a programming language, show some code. What could possibly be more important?

  • Masyu

    Highly recommended logic puzzle – the Masyu series by Tootsweet for iPhone. I’ve beaten Masyu Bug and Masyu, and I’m on to Monster Masyu…

  • How to fix an Ubuntu crash

    CPU power stepping can cause issues in Linux and Windows alike.

  • A Good AOL Product?

    I didn’t discover it until finding their iPhone app, but AOL Radio is actually really good. It’s the only online radio I’ve found that has real metal stations.