Year: 2008

  • Programming Language Websites Need Code

    Please – if you’re making the website for a programming language, show some code. What could possibly be more important?

  • Masyu

    Highly recommended logic puzzle – the Masyu series by Tootsweet for iPhone. I’ve beaten Masyu Bug and Masyu, and I’m on to Monster Masyu…

  • How to fix an Ubuntu crash

    CPU power stepping can cause issues in Linux and Windows alike.

  • A Good AOL Product?

    I didn’t discover it until finding their iPhone app, but AOL Radio is actually really good. It’s the only online radio I’ve found that has real metal stations.

  • Broken Pixels

    Highly recommended: the Broken Pixels podcast. Hilarious reviews of 15+ year old games. The default player name in China Warrior was “fuckchop.”

  • Kindles finally available

    You can actually buy a Kindle from Amazon now… I’d love to try one, but I’m still not sure on the interface.

  • Mother of All Wii Game Reviews: Part Two

    And now, for the continuation of part one of the mother of all Wii game reviews… 8. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz: 1/5 This is another easy place to start, because Super Monkey Ball is terrible. For your own sanity and wallet, do not even rent this game. Super Monkey Ball has two game modes.…

  • Mother of All Wii Game Reviews: Part One

    We at Halffull don’t take the easy route. It would be too simple to write ordinary reviews. Let’s up the ante. How about fourteen Wii game reviews?! 1. Super Mario Galaxy: 5/5 This is an easy place to start because the game is delightful. It’s a true spiritual successor to Super Mario 64 and is…

  • Pi Day ’08!

    How could I not wish everyone a happy Pi Day? Show your level of geekiness… 3.14159265358979323…