Year: 2007

  • LOL President Thread

    For those of you who don’t read, check out the LOL Presidents thread.

  • BMWs, iPods, and speed limits

    Hey you. You, driving the BMW at 90 in a 65 with your iPod earbuds in. I know you can’t hear me, but try driving instead of loading more techno music. Oh, by the way, it’s quite easy for cops to see the white cords.

  • Spore

    If you haven’t heard of Will Wright’s new game Spore, I highly recommend you check it out. Then watch the videos and be blown away. [edit] I’m so sad reading this after the fact.

  • Stop Motion Piano and Drums

    You don’t need to be able to play the piano or drums to play the piano and drums…

  • The Editing Room: 300

    The Editing Room is back from a long hiatus with an abridged script of 300!

  • Why Linux

    Here’s a great list of the best things you can do in Linux but not Windows. I’ve never quite been able to phrase why I prefer Linux, but it seems Daniel Martin did it for me.

  • Vimperator

    If you’re a vim freak like me, check out vimperator – it basically converts Firefox into vim. Everything is keyboard controlled; it even hides the toolbars. Completions, regular expressions, modal browsing, the works. Great idea.

  • Cellular Companies Preventing Progress? A Wireless World

    The world is going wireless. We’ve been seeing the trend for 20 years, and it’s really gained momentum in the last five. Not only do all new laptops have wifi built in, but many new desktop computers do as well. It’s getting difficult to find someone who doesn’t own a cell phone. Portable music players,…

  • 60% Budget

    Don’t let the idea of a budget scare you away from this link. It’s a thoughtful, easy-to-use budgeting system that doesn’t require you to keep perfect track of everything. Take a quick look, it might change your reluctance.