SlimSlimmy Wallet: Thinnest Wallet on Earth

by redshift

SlimSlimmy spreadIf you have back pain, and you normally carry your wallet in your back pocket, you have three options.

  1. Get a thinner wallet.
  2. Carry your wallet in a front pocket. (Or in a European carry-all)
  3. Both.

And boy have I got the answer for you. Enter the SlimSlimmy wallet by Koyono. As the name implies, it’s very thin, and it’s designed to be carried in your front pocket.

There are no money clips to waste space. There are no picture holders. There are no tri-fold wallet wings. There is not one tench of an ounce more material than is required to carry your essentials. There are just three slots into which you tuck your valuables.

It makes you reconsider what you take with you every day. That’s a good thing.

Consider what’s in your wallet right now. Do you have any receipts? Any credit cards you haven’t used in a while? More than one credit card, for that matter? Any pictures? Any coupons? Any hard candy? How is any of this helping you in the daily grind?

It’s not helping you one bit. What it is doing, however, is putting your spine off kilter. You may not notice it, but your spine is slightly curved because you’re sitting on a big hunk of leather with half your ass. It’s not good for you. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association says that wallets can cause back pain if kept in the back pocket.

I say ditch the stack of cards, ditch the old wallet, and get something compact for your front pocket. It’ll be a huge relief. And yes, you can still carry quite a bit. For example, here’s what I’m carrying today. Still probably more than I need.

SlimSlimmy wallet contents

Here’s a size comparison to my Cingular Sync phone, and a thickness comparison to my old “thin” wallet from Wilson’s Leather.

SlimSlimmy wallet compared to Sync phoneSlimSlimmy compared to old wallet

The old “slim” wallet is completely empty. The SlimSlimmy is full. It’s still thinner.

As you can see, it’s sleek and efficient. It’s fun to pull out when you need to make a payment. It’s beautifully crafted. Oh, and your valuables won’t fall out. You can shake the wallet vigorously by the sewn corner and the contents won’t budge.

If you’re not ready for the full experience, there’s also a “regular” Slimmy that’s a bit wider, and a ViewSlimmy that’s wider and has a window to show your ID. With both options, you only need to fold bills in half – the SlimSlimmy requires a triple-fold. (Small price to pay for the smallest wallet on earth, if you ask me.)