Five Things

by redshift

It seems I’ve been commanded to write five things about myself that you may not have known.

  1. I have the shaving habits and bone/joint composition of an old man. This arises from my love of wetshaving and cracking my knuckles, the latter of which is not an aid in the promotion of marital bliss.
  2. I’ve spent more than a year in massively multiplayer online role-playing games. When I say a year, I mean a year. Over 365*24 logged hours of playtime. If you figure I started just over eight years ago in the beta of EverQuest, then I’ve spent more than 1/8th of my time since in a fantasy world. This is tame compared to some others I know, and I have to admit, the fraction has been dramatically lowered by the past three years.
  3. I’m genuinely surprised to see halffull next to Scott Adam’s blog on Tigerblade’s blogroll. Who am I, anyway? He’s a fatcat genius cartoonist and possibly a hero of mine, and I’m just this guy.
  4. I live quite far from my job. I’ve put 30,000 miles on my new car in 10 months. This explains why I’ve listened to over 100 audiobooks in 10 months.

  5. I’m very reserved and have few opinions on politics. Neither of which matches the spirit of halffull. (The truth is, I never knew what halffull was going to be, and I’ve tried using it for every purpose under the sun.)

I cheated a bit. Close friends would have known these things. I do hope it was mildly interesting to web passersby, in any case, and Tigerblade, who requested it. (For some odd reason.) Here’s the real cheating bit: I command hulk and blue midget to tell me five things I don’t know about them.