Year: 2007

  • Eve Kills boot.ini, Or: Why I Won’t Be Playing Eve

    I’m a programmer by trade. I read a lot of tech-related and programming sites, both for the good tips and the horror stories. We’ve all heard about the IT guy who forgot to backup the production server (oops!) or the janitor who unplugged the AC in the server room (ouch!). All kinds of fun in…

  • Thanksgiving 07

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you can all have fun with your families today, and that you don’t have to drive several hours in the snow to get there, grumble grumble.

  • Microsoft Surface

    It’s not an iPhone… it’s a big ass table.

  • Laser Magician

    Magician’s act turns light into a weapon… hard to describe, but worth the couple minutes to watch.

  • Software I Love

    Over the years, a few pieces of software have really impressed me. They’re not just refined, they go a step beyond their competitors to produce a more elegant experience. Here is my short list. Vim – if I were stuck on a desert island with only one program, it’d be Vim. At least I could…

  • Firebug on Linux

    Thanks to Kenny for a tip on how to use Firebug on Linux. Firebug is a great web development tool, but it only works on Linux if you compile Firefox with “–enable-jsd”, or in Gentoo, if you use the “mozdevelop” USE flag. To see if you have jsd support, just go to your build config…

  • Hosting Switch – asmallorange to Dreamhost

    The Problem An older post about asmallorange said that I was happy with their web hosting. Support tickets were resolved quickly, the team was courteous and friendly, and I really got a sense of professional respect. Unfortunately, I can no longer give that recommendation. Several problems surfaced over the two years in which Halffull was…

  • SlimSlimmy Wallet: Thinnest Wallet on Earth

    If you have back pain, and you normally carry your wallet in your back pocket, you have three options. Get a thinner wallet. Carry your wallet in a front pocket. (Or in a European carry-all) Both. And boy have I got the answer for you. Enter the SlimSlimmy wallet by Koyono. As the name implies,…

  • Rejected WiiPlay Games

    Awesome video of some rejected WiiPlay games. I don’t even want to spoil it.