Year: 2006

  • Multiple homepage posts

    I’m going to try having two posts on the homepage so that content sticks around a bit longer. I figure it’ll be better with multiple authors, so no one feels slighted. Let me know what you think!

  • The Editing Room: X-Men the Last Stand

    The Editing Room is on a roll this month – there is a new abridged script out for X-Men: The Last Stand

  • Saved Up Reviews

    Some of these opinions are long overdue. Since my last review, I have come into delightful contact with many varied areas of consumer culture. The following presents my take, which, of course, you should use as only a part of your research if you are spending your hard-earned and heavily-taxed money. Sennheiser HD580 headphones I’ve…

  • The Editing Room: Da Vinci Code

    The Editing Room has updated their site with a new look, and an abridged script for The Da Vinci Code. Check it out.

  • Prelude to the Return – New Rules of Engagement

    A few months ago, the regular halffull contributors reached an impasse.  Tension and differing opinions on the site had been mounting for a couple of months, and nasty things were said.  That’s all over now.  We’re back, but there must be rules.  1.  There will be no name calling. 2.  As Patrick Swayze says in Road House,…

  • Feedburner

    I’m even trying out Feedburner for my feeds, which should require no change on your end. I’m hoping it’ll lessen bandwidth requirements, along with the stats.

  • Happy upgrade

    It sure is nice to have an upgraded, clean site. The old one was sort of a mess.

  • About Time

    This page hasn’t changed much in a while. That’ll change tomorrow. I’ve been delaying an upgrade of the site for too long, because I’ve made so many custom modifications that it would become more of an overhaul. Still, it’s about time, and the best plan seems to be a clean upgrade with a new (or…

  • First Impression: Inspiron 6000

    I recently convinced myself to purchase a laptop. As blue midget will attest to, this took considerable mental effort on my part. (don’t call me cheap!) I knew it’d be nice to have for attending techie user groups, for travel, and for just-plain-being-better-than-my-old-computer, but the kicker was the possibility of having to travel for work.…