Year: 2006

  • Vim 7 Features

    Here’s a great, quick walkthrough of new Vim 7 features. I love the bracket highlighting and undo branches.

  • Pyramid Schemes

    Why is it that I’m such a magnet for pyramid schemes? I’ve now been approached three separate times about business opportunities that can change your lifestyle if you have dreams and can shift your perspective from factory to passive business model. Yes, I was actually asked if I have dreams. Today. By an old guy…

  • New Fark Cat Thread!

    New Fark cat thread!

  • Dark Energy

    National Geographic: Mysterious Dark Energy Has Existed for Most of Time, Scientists Say

  • Spelling is for morons!

    Note to up and coming journalists: For maximum impact of your article, remember to use spell check.  Lack of spell check results in unintentional hilarity in a tragic situation.  The Alaska Report gives us: School Bus PUNGES Off Overpass

  • Miami Vice

    New from the Editing Room: Miami Vice

  • Star Trek Inspirational Posters

    Star Trek inspirational posters!

  • Fark Photoshop – the Hoff!

    A new great Fark Photoshop:  Photoshop The Hoff.

  • Giant Space Blob

    Very cool – Japanese astronomers have discovered a giant space blob about 200-million light years wide. It is now the largest known object in the universe.