The Editing Room: Casino Royale

New from The Editing Room: Casino Royale!  With a Leeroy Jenkins moment:  “You’re no match for my mathematical genius, Daniel. Your chance of beating me on this hand is only 32.33, repeating of course.


2 responses to “The Editing Room: Casino Royale”

  1. Tigerblade Avatar

    NICE. Sounds like the real thing. Yeah… there was a lot about that movie I liked, and a lot about it that didn’t make any sense whatso-freaking-ever. The bleeding-from-the-eye thing was weird, and served no purpose. It was never explained, never used, nothing. Just makes him that much more villain-esque. And… maybe it’s just me, but after having my testicles tortured like that, sex would not be high on my list of things to do only a few days later.


  2. Blue Midget Avatar

    Yeah, I also liked this movie a lot – despite the eye bleeding thing that had nothing to do with the movie, and also after having his testicles smashed repeatedly, he ends up having an extremely long and annoying love-montage-thing that turned out to be the most excruciating 30 minutes of my life. Other than that, I must say that Bond getting his first tux was akin to Darth Vader getting his mask.


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