Little Fatty

An internet cliche that escaped me — Little Fatty rules Chinese WebIndependent Online Asia has a lot to say about the phenomenon that is Little Fatty.


4 responses to “Little Fatty”

  1. Tigerblade Avatar

    OLD! This kid’s 15 minutes in the US were over long before Star Wars Kid even thought about dancing around with a ball-fetcher. If he’s still big in China (pun intended), they’re missing out on a lot.


  2. Blue Midget Avatar

    This is old and you never clued me in during his 15 minutes of fame, TB? I’m offended! 😛 You have to keep me in the loop on these things!


  3. Tigerblade Avatar

    Yeah… here’s a gallery of a bunch of stuff he’s been photoshopped into. It’s not in anything resembling English, or even using a Latin-based alphabet, but pictures are worth a thousand ideograms, right?


  4. Tigerblade Avatar

    sorry… I suppose actually including the link would be helpful.


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