The Hoff’s New Video

Who in the hell buys this shit? Germans. Check out The Hoff’s new video, “Get In My Car“.


7 responses to “The Hoff’s New Video”

  1. Avatar

    Noone buy this shit, not even the Germans, I can assure you. OK, we’re crazy, but not that crazy. We invented the Crazy Frog and no.1 to no.3 in our single charts are football songs (and the no.1 song is way cool btw.).


    Greetz from Germany.


  2. Blue Midget Avatar
    Blue Midget

    Hi Egghat, welcome to halffull!

    What in the hell is the Crazy Frog?


  3. Evil Iggy Avatar
    Evil Iggy

    You don’t know the Crazy Frog? Teh lame!

    (What’s the Crazy Frog?)


  4. Max Avatar

    Gnarls Barkley, what a knob job


  5. Max Avatar

    Actually i think a better question is who buys this shit? Tra La La


  6. Blue Midget Avatar
    Blue Midget

    WTF – That is so messed up, I can’t stop laughing.


  7. redshift Avatar

    Even better – GUNTHERNET! Home to such classics as “Teeny Weeny String Bikini” and “Tutti Frutti Summer Love.”


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