Prelude to the Return – New Rules of Engagement

A few months ago, the regular halffull contributors reached an impasse.  Tension and differing opinions on the site had been mounting for a couple of months, and nasty things were said. 

That’s all over now.  We’re back, but there must be rules. 

1.  There will be no name calling.

2.  As Patrick Swayze says in Road House, “Be nice.”

3.  No hijacking.  In the internet world, if you take someone’s post and derail it to talk about your agenda, it’s called hijacking and it’s considered extremely rude.  Create a new post and talk about whatever is on your mind; don’t steal someone else’s thread.

4.  There is a misnomer that this site is for ranting and fighting and arguing and serious topics.  Not everyone is a ranter or someone who likes to argue.  A lot of it is meant to be humor or general expression. Please don’t read everyone’s posts with a chip on your shoulder.

5.  Everyone is welcome at halffull, except jackasses.

If you’re an old timer who left the site due to inactivity, welcome back to a kinder, gentler halffull… with a side of rant.


5 responses to “Prelude to the Return – New Rules of Engagement”

  1. Evil Iggy Avatar
    Evil Iggy

    Here comes the neighborhood.


  2. Tigerblade Avatar

    Awesome. I look forward to this new and improved Halffull.

    I must admit, it must have been a long day, because it took me a second to figure out which input boxes were which. Not that it’s hard to figure out, my brain is just fried.


  3. redshift Avatar

    If you log into the site, it takes care of your name, site, and all that jazz automatically. It’s pretty neat. It even has icons now!


  4. Blue Midget Avatar
    Blue Midget

    Yeah, we’re still going back and forth about the layout. I liked it at first, but now I think it’s almost a bit too sterile.


  5. redshift Avatar

    I like it. I think it’s a nice change from a lot of other websites that just cram in content/ads/images/crap.


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