About Time

This page hasn’t changed much in a while. That’ll change tomorrow.

I’ve been delaying an upgrade of the site for too long, because I’ve made so many custom modifications that it would become more of an overhaul. Still, it’s about time, and the best plan seems to be a clean upgrade with a new (or at least a single) theme, after which I will have a clean slate to apply changes. I think, overall, it’ll lead to a better site that’s easier to maintain and a bit easier to use.

Expect that to happen tomorrow. Also, more good news – some of our authors are coming back from hiatus! Halffull is dead, long live Halffull!

_Update:_ Due to some server trouble, the upgrade will have to wait a short time. Don’t worry, I’ve already done a lot of work, I just couldn’t test as much as I needed to without a responsive server.

_Update:_ Some more server trouble struck in the past few days, but I believe I have all of the important work done. I’m going to try to move over the new site layout in the next few minutes. If things blow up, that’s what backups are for, eh?

_Update:_ Ok, a few issues to work through. The upgrade went fairly smoothly though!


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