Affirmative Action: For White Men?

by hulk

So I read that some colleges are alarmed that the supposedly growing gender disparity between men and women is growing at colleges – in favor of women. The response? We need to recruit more men!

Huh? How does that work again? Well if you’re talking in terms of percentages, that means denying admission to qualified women in favor of men. This is pure genius. Let’s face facts: women are more likely to apply themselves and get their shit together and do their homework. It comes down to that. We men have beer, porn, sports, video games, beer, porn… all distracting us. Women, on average, are better at avoiding distraction. I think it has something to do with their periods.

So explain to me why it makes sense to deny admission to some women in order to bring in more men. Especially when it’s so damn necessary to have more women in higher positions in the professional world. Don’t get me wrong, we all know at least one woman who’s a complete idiot who gets promoted because she’s a woman. On average, however, women are better at being organized and getting things done. We men are better at… beer. Or wine. Oh, and staring at women’s behinds.

The real issue here is avoiding the backlash against feminism. We all have this image in our head of the evil short-haired ugly chick who whines about how she’s existentially repressed and it’s all men’s fault. It’s actually quite natural. To liberals who take umbrage (I’m not even sure that word means what I think it means) at this statement, think of the menacing evil white Christian from Ohio who talks about “Miracleifying” and “Gayity is the sinnery that leads to hellingness”. I believe it’s a natural reaction of our thought processes; here comes this information that doesn’t fit with what’s already in our heads, our emotional centers get triggered, and it turns into “Jesus didn’t even exist!” vs. “Jesus wants you to burn in hell”.

The fact is, as much as we’re sick of hearing it, women still don’t occupy as many professional positions as they should. The unfortunate part of this is that in our society, we probably won’t hear much about the real reasons for this. Political correctness does a pretty good job of shutting down objective analysis of situations in the name of sensitivity. Or sexism or racism or Islamaphobia, which, really, come on Europe. How dare you be afraid of people who start burning shit when you publish a cartoon? You filthy racists!

Of course I’m simplifying, the sad fact is that most Muslims are less educated than us. And Karl Marx was right about one thing – religion is the opiate of the masses. Of course it has to be stated in context, as opposed to being stated in Starbucks. Religion, when abused, is an excellent source of control. The Catholic Church could write a wonderful book about this, I’m sure. Unfortunately we all need some kind of organization to our faith to avoid the difficult questions and to help us place our faith in our daily lives and so we put our trust in an organization to make up silly rules for us like eating a cardboard wafer or throwing a rug on the ground and hoping we’re facing in the right direction.

Watch me get called a racist for this. I can’t wait.

So start denying women more positions in college to avoid leaving out men? Hell no. Let it become 70/30. Then when men realize that women are in charge, if they have a problem with that, let them work harder in school. Or, more likely, give off some redneck argument about something or other and Budweiser and then make up some religious crap about how Jesus wants women in the home.

I’m sorry. I’ve been giving idiot Christians a hard time lately. And I don’t mean to imply that myself or any other Christian is an idiot, just that some idiots are Christian and use Christianity to be idiots. I’m probably being disrespectful by not capitalizing that. [ed: fixed] So just to level the playing field, I hate mongrel desert people.

Now I will wait for someone who actually wants to discuss something… but more likely I’ll get called a racist. Actually, you know what would be really fun? If someone could use this to prove I’m a sexist. Holy shit, I think I just made my own week. I’m going to eagerly anticipate being called a sexist. Yay!