Year: 2005

  • It’s Not Funny Anymore

    Considering how much I write about current television programs, you’d think that I watch a lot of it. I really don’t; it just gives me something to write about. And when I do watch TV, I’m an extreme channel changer so I don’t watch just one show – I am watching anywhere between three to…

  • Homestar Halloween

    Late last night (early this morning for some of us), the guys at Homestarrunner finally got the Halloween update on the site. Bonus: It’s a choose your own adventure.

  • The Plug

    Tigerblade — Penalty! Offsides on defense, 5 yards! Here at Halffull, we don’t have a section for other websites that you can link to. Of course, any time I ask redshift to add something to the menu bar, it is met with a steely-eyed glare that says, “You want to make this site look particularly…

  • King Peen’s Making the Tramps 3

    So far, Puff Daddy is 0 and 2 for making anything. But that doesn’t stop him, oh no. That’s because he’s like a mall developer whose biggest attraction is an old, disgusting Sears that no one shops in. Bound and determined, this entrepreneur will go to great lengths to polish up any smelly turd and…

  • Nintendo Choir

    The best five minutes of your life begins when you click this link. I cannot even say in words. I cried.

  • Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I’m always on the hunt for an amazing cookie recipe. When I am out in public, I subconsciously scan magazine racks for the latest and greatest that our so-called “culinary experts” have to offer. Once in a while, and especially around the holidays, the “best ever cookies” headlines will appear. By now I should know…

  • Cookie Karma

    My biggest passion in cooking and baking has always been cookies. Why cookies? Because no person is ever unhappy to receive them. Cookies are an amazing, fun-filled pastime for all ages in every culture. This is something you can do by yourself or with other people for special occasions – or for no occasion at…

  • Unfortunately: Leather Pants on EBay

    Another email that was sent to me – way too funny to resist this one. Click on me for a big laugh. Scroll down and read his description. You won’t regret it.

  • Review: Palm Zire 31 and Z22

    A deathmatch or a friendship?