Profound French Malaise – Is it Over?

by blue midget

The rioting in France escalated to unbelievable heights over the course of a mere thirteen days. (In case you couldn’t detect it, that was sarcasm.) Violence spread to 300 towns in France, people were killed, a 50-year old disabled woman was even doused with “an inflammable liquid and set afire as she tried to get off a bus” and copycat rioting has been occurring in other European countries. The images are unsettling. France’s President, Jacques Chirac, has been largely ineffectual, as he waited a couple of days before even addressing the rioting, and after he spoke the violence escalated even further. Speaking again, he strongly stated his feelings that the rioting reflected a “profound malaise” in the community. Whoa, let’s not break out the harsh words, Jacques.

After the thirteen days of heavy rioting, the police put a curfew in effect which apparently magically made the rioting all better. Officials claim that the situation has drastically improved since enforcing the curfew. I have been especially interested in the rioting, so I have been following this activity closely. The following is a chart I put together to monitor the situation:

French Malaise Graph

As you can see, we lost President Chirac early on. Somehow he was lost in the stratosphere, but since he really has no bearing on the status of the country anyway it was no big loss. The rioting and malaise are indeed linked, and parallel the automobiles burned, which makes sense. Gérard Depardieu’s nose saw some growth during this time, while the nation’s joi de vie spiked early on in the rioting and then plummeted. Pepe Le Peu remained constant during the crisis, which was a huge help to the French people in President Chirac’s incompetence – I mean absence.

As French officials are now claiming that the rioting is indeed deescalating, the press has not really reported much, giving the general public the idea that everything has resumed to “normal” levels. And considering how the French government has been handling the crisis so far, I can only guess as to what that means. U.S. satellites have been monitoring the country, and this image was released:

French Rioters!!!1111ONEONEONE

As you can see from this image, the violence may have decreased but it is definitely not at a level most people would consider acceptable. Also, the French are more hairy than originally believed.

The violence may be subsiding, but many believe that the problems are only beginning. The Toronto Star has a very interesting article regarding the social climate of the racism issue in Europe. Fridia Ghidis writes:

“For a while, clever European politicians thought they had found an elegant way to dodge the continent’s long-running dilemma of a shrinking “white” population, a need for more young workers, and a not-so-secret wish to keep away immigrants from non-white countries.”

It’s quite an interesting read and only a semi-lengthy article, so hop on over and take a look. Over or not? From what it appears thus far, the tension has been escalating for a long while and this kind of a problem cannot be solved overnight. It’s unfortunate that violence has erupted everywhere, but perhaps now people will recognize that the “whites only” attitude is completely unacceptable. Not to sound heartless, but it almost sounds like they brought it on themselves. I hope they can make the change. And maybe do something about that excess hair problem.

Edit: Special thanks to Evil Iggy for his contribution to this article.