Profound French Malaise – Is it Over?

by blue midget

The rioting in France escalated to unbelievable heights over the course of a mere thirteen days. (In case you couldn’t detect it, that was sarcasm.) Violence spread to 300 towns in France, people were killed, a 50-year old disabled woman was even doused with “an inflammable liquid and set afire as she tried to get off a bus” and copycat rioting has been occurring in other European countries. The images are unsettling. France’s President, Jacques Chirac, has been largely ineffectual, as he waited a couple of days before even addressing the rioting, and after he spoke the violence escalated even further. Speaking again, he strongly stated his feelings that the rioting reflected a “profound malaise” in the community. Whoa, let’s not break out the harsh words, Jacques.

After the thirteen days of heavy rioting, the police put a curfew in effect which apparently magically made the rioting all better. Officials claim that the situation has drastically improved since enforcing the curfew. I have been especially interested in the rioting, so I have been following this activity closely. The following is a chart I put together to monitor the situation:

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