Big Fish Games

by blue midget

If you’re looking for free downloadable games, head on over to Big Fish Games. They’ve got a great selection of games, and I was shocked when, a few minutes ago, I found out that an old co-worker of mine is now their CFO. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he said; it was hard to tell since we were both on our cell phones. There are a couple of reviews about the site floating around the internet, and they all give Big Fish Games high praise. gives the site an A-.

“Big Fish Games was created back in 2002 by Paul Thelen, a former Real Networks executive who helped launched Real Arcade. Big Fish Games quickly became a major game download portal within 2 years of launch, an incredible feat…

… is a solid game download site but mostly focuses on the casual gamer. You won’t find a ton of high energy action games here but there are a few in the arcade section. Those who want to play free game demos but don’t want to give out their email address will be disappointed with the site. However, Big Fish does seem to respect everything in their privacy policy concerning email submissions. The daily updates are great and selection is way above average for the categories the site handles.”

Head on over and check it out; let me know what you think in the comments section. Of course, I always say that, even though I know you won’t put anything in the comments section. Chickens.

Yes, I will have more site updates for you today – the halffull team will be back this week with all kinds of hilarity and goodness. There’s also a new news post coming, and with any luck it will be up today.