American Thanksgiving: Talkin’ Turkey

by blue midget

In a couple of weeks, Americans everywhere will cook up the traditional Thanksgiving feast. For some chefs it will be an honor, and for others, a curse. Like every major American holiday, marketing campaigns explode with the latest gadgets, recipes, and foods that will make your Thanksgiving spread the most amazing and memorable dinner ever in the history of your lives thus far, in fact even Henry VIII would cry out in jealousy if he were able to cast his eyes upon your amazing feast. Some time between now and the next three weeks, consumers will rush out and purchase large quantities of whatever they can get their hands on so their guests may gorge themselves on the delicious delights of their Thanksgiving table. Families and friends will come together to hold hands, sing songs, and resemble something out of an ABC Special.

What a bunch of crap.

Most Americans live well beyond their means. Advertisements and slogans do their best to make the average consumer feel as though their lives will not be fulfilled unless they purchase X, Y, or Z. This is a lie, and yet every year we rush out to the stores to purchase enough food for an army and, dare I say, while some people have none. (Remember the times you have been needy and donate to a family in your area that could use a helping hand!)

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Sony Confirmed Pure Evil

by redshift


That deserved a line of its own. Go read about how Sony hates you. Admittedly the story is a bit biased, but it has a right to be. Shame on you, Sony.

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