Federline’s Album Leaks Onto the Internet

Before Kevin Federline and Britney Spears were married, sources were reporting that Federline was in the works of making his own clothes line (Britney claims that he “has great style”, which is true if you consider “great style” to be the high fashion of K-Mart Blue Light Specials), his own rap CD (wtf?) and, more recently, opening a dance studio with Michael Jackson’s father (I won’t even go there).

We were hoping none of these were really true but earlier this week, sources were reporting that Federline was working on a CD which he brought home and played for Britney, who allegedly laughed upon hearing it and said he would sell ‘a hundred, maybe a thousand copies’ if he was lucky.

Well, apparently his rap album that he’s recording with producer Disco D. (whoever the hell that is) has been leaked onto the internet. I haven’t been able to listen to it yet because I’m at work and because I’m afraid that I will implode upon hearing his voice, but if anyone actually listens to this, please, I am begging you, comment below and let us know how horrid this is. The song is apparently called “Y’all Ain’t Ready” — and you know, he’s got that right.


6 responses to “Federline’s Album Leaks Onto the Internet”

  1. Blue Midget Avatar
    Blue Midget

    Oh my God, that was horrible. Words can’t even describe…


  2. MadMomma Avatar

    The beat was kinda catchy (for rap music), but since I’m not a rap music fan, the whole package doesn’t sit with me. I read the article about her getting frustrated with him because he’s not helping with the baby. Can’t say I’m surprised.


  3. Tigerblade Avatar

    I saw an article about this on Yahoo today… [ “Back then, they called me K-Fed, but you can call me Daddy instead,” he intones in the chorus of “Y’all Ain’t Ready.” ] Interesting. As in, not. [“Federline represents himself as a brash, newsworthy figure ahead of his time.”] Um… NO one cares about KFed… or his trailer trash popstar wife. And whoever coined the term “KFed” is just as stupid.


  4. ariadneK Avatar

    DUDE…pray to GOD that you never find the shit on the internet, as it IS that bad. I just found it a few minutes ago and couldn’t believe the shit that was pouring out of the speakers (incidentally, searching for it is the same way I found your site). 😉

    Take care,


  5. djwaxx Avatar

    With all the bad news in this f’d up world lately I really needed a good laugh and this delivered the goods. VANILLA ICE SHOULD SUE FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT..recommend this to all having a bad day and need some humor to cheer the up


  6. Dee B Avatar
    Dee B

    This is damaging to rappers. He’d be lucky if he sells 10 copies. K-Fed your rap career is DEAD. You are only a rapper in your head.


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