It’s Not Funny Anymore

by blue midget

Considering how much I write about current television programs, you’d think that I watch a lot of it. I really don’t; it just gives me something to write about. And when I do watch TV, I’m an extreme channel changer so I don’t watch just one show – I am watching anywhere between three to five shows at one time. I like to drift in and out of different shows because even if you miss a couple minutes of something, you can generally figure out what happened. Well, unless it’s the Food Network’s Spooky Cake Competition, because you know my ass is glued to that action.

When it comes to television and ratings, for some reason the 20-something demographic is the highly coveted viewer for many stations. And I am not sure why, because a lot of them (or you or your peers – whomever I’m speaking to) really don’t know what the hell is so funny anymore. For some odd reason, television producers are bringing back things that were cool right around the time the now-20-somethings were born, and many of them are hanging on to the principle that these things used to be cool and funny, yet are no longer what they once were. Their prime has passed. Let them go. Aren’t sure which ones I’m talking about? Here are two for you:

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The News in Haiku

by blue midget

This week’s challenge: Write up a bit of news in haiku and post it below in the comments section. Haiku generally has three lines, the first and third line having five syllables, the second line having seven. The only real rule is that it has to include a news link in it, to show its newsworthiness.

Here are some examples:

Alito: New Choice
Democrat Armageddon!
O sloppy seconds

Madonna is back
Here is a secret for you:
Enough, fake accent!

Stolen photos of
Britney and Cletus offspring
Quick to whore their child

Submit your news haikus in the comments section below! And don’t be a weenie about the comments section – I don’t bite.

Homestar Halloween

by blue midget

Late last night (early this morning for some of us), the guys at Homestarrunner finally got the Halloween update on the site. Bonus: It’s a choose your own adventure.