Apocalypse Now: Supporting Evidence of the End Times

by blue midget

The Book of Revelation forewarns us of the coming events that will lead us to the end of the age – the end of time itself when Christ, the Son of God, returns to the earth like a thief in the night and all mankind will be judged. Recent events are indicative of Biblical prophecies, and many believe we are living in the fabled “last days”.

There is strong evidence to support these theories as world events continue to develop. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and wars – Christ himself warned his followers that these things would happen, but not to be afraid as it was all a sign of the end. And also, he said, pray for Israel. In the last days, the Bible warns us that all nations will turn against Israel. What an appropriate reminder we have currently, of Iran and Syria being so vocal about “wiping Israel off the map.”

Scoffers, be wary. Naysayers, take heed. For if these things were not enough to convince you, a new and merciless evil has arisen this week that will convince you that the world is indeed living out its final days:

Ashlee Simpson’s new album debuted at #1.

I ask you – no, I charge you with this: How in the hell did this talentless buffoon who looks like some sort of electrocuted albino goth who can neither sing nor dance make it to #1? The end is near. Oh yes. Deliver us, O Lord, from this tasteless and MTV-saturated generation.