Harriet Miers: Strange Things are Afoot in the U.S. of A.

by blue midget

It was a disaster from the beginning. When President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, a loud outcry went up from conservatives everywhere. The nomination came as a huge shock to, well, just about everyone. If you normally read this site, you’re probably fairly up to date on the situation. If not, then try this and that.

When we last left off, the Senate Judiciary Committee threw a big hissy fit at the questionnaire Miers returned, and asked for more information. The revised questionnaire was due yesterday. In the meantime, Miers was continuing to meet with various Senators, and the media was reporting on Senators who had begun to change their minds in support of the President’s candidate, as well as those who were still clearly unconvinced. Commercials were appearing from conservatives who support Bush but feel the nomination was a mistake, asking for conservatives who feel likewise to sign an online petition against Miers. And the Senate waited for the revised questionnaire. And waited some more. Speculation was pouring in that the President could not rescind the nomination himself, because it would make him look even worse in this scenario.

Finally Miers’ revised questionnaire arrived at 11:40 pm last night, adding to further criticism. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. If you’re going to wait that long to turn it in, then obviously you’re trying to make some kind of statement, and you may as well turn it in right at 11:59 pm just to show those stupid Senators that you don’t take them seriously and do not fear them whatsoever. But this morning, a letter was sent from Miers to the President, withdrawing her nomination, becoming the thirtieth Supreme Court Justice nominee to be withdrawn.

All I can really gather from this is, her revised questionnaire was probably returned to the Senate late last night because yesterday they didn’t know if they were going to yank her nomination or not and probably didn’t know until this morning. Unfortunately, this whole debacle makes Bush and his Administration look like they really don’t know what they’re doing.

George Bush is having a star-touched presidency, like him or not. Not every president can claim that they put their choices forward for replacement Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Chief Justice and a Justice – and these are extremely important positions that will direct the course of this country forever. Personally, I am afraid of what nominee we are going to get next – not because I fear another Miers debacle, but because I think Bush will want to avoid another controversy and give us a watered-down, lukewarm candidate instead of someone stellar. That someone will sit on the bench, governing this country for the next 30 years. Or, I could be completely wrong.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.