The Plug


Tigerblade — Penalty! Offsides on defense, 5 yards!

Here at Halffull, we don’t have a section for other websites that you can link to. Of course, any time I ask redshift to add something to the menu bar, it is met with a steely-eyed glare that says, “You want to make this site look particularly ugly, don’t you?” Of course I don’t but it’s up to our site Nazi to make sure this website looks as clean as possible, in the same way that it’s up to me to ask for eighty million changes. (Speaking of which, what happened to previewing a comment before posting? Huh?) But what can I say? Redshift is an internet-snob and wants to make us as un-blog-like as possible. Besides, most of my posts (especially the news updates) are filled with links anyway.

Due to the barrage of spam we usually get, it’s really hard for me to look through the logs and figure out if we’re being linked or not, since 95% of what is listed is pr0n spam. Either that, or redshift and hulk are lying to me when they say they haven’t been signing halffull up at wwwdotbig-boobs-cheerleaders-kinkymidget-pr0ndotcom. I think they’re lying. You see, I’m addicted to the site stats. I analyze them critically. I make excel charts and bring them to Halffull meetings. And when we dip below 250 visits a day, I freak out. For the past week, our viewings have dipped a bit. I’m not sure where everyone’s gone, but you’re freaking me out, dudes. Is it me? Do I smell? Maybe it’s hulk – I swear that we take him out back and hose him down once in a while. It helps keep the rabid foam around his mouth down to a minimum. Plus, it keeps him going with fresh rants. Never stale, that’s our motto.

Anyway. I have recently discovered another regular halffull reader, Tigerblade, who commented last week on the Catholicism article. (If you’ve commented before and I didn’t catch it until now, sorry.) I went to his site and realized that he’s got us linked off on his sidebar of regular blogs. So, let it be known now that Tigerblade is associating with us of his own volition. Insanity? I think so. I wanted to reciprocate by linking him back, and I was waiting for something really cool to be posted on his site that I should share with everyone. Sure enough, it came. On a weekend, no less — hence the penalty, because my brain isn’t working that well on a weekend. I think I tried reading it three or four times, but that fuzzy-brain feeling I got from reading it every time told me to wait until Monday. So I did.

Great article by Tigerblade on something that has been a topic of much ranting in the halffull camp: the devolution of the American education system – go and read it. As Fez would say, “I say go!” The comments are also a fantastic read. I love opinion articles on education because I find that, nine times out of ten, the conversation devolves into republican vs. democrat and then on to my favorite “Bush sux, Clinton r0x0rz” argument. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. Unfortunately the comments seem to be bugged, or I’m just too retarded to figure out how to use them. Go and read it – right now.

If the comments section starts to work again and you want to post a comment, just in case you’re an internet noob I want to remind everyone: You can say anything you want on the halffull website. You’re at home here; it’s expected that you just let it all out and you know that we don’t care. But when you visit someone else’s website, please be nice. Be polite. Be professional. If you want to say something sarcastic that will only degrade the topic over there, then come back and post it here. I’m not worried about any of the halffull authors or some of our usuals, but in case you’re kind of an internet noob and are really not sure how this works – when you go to another site and sit down to make comments, be courteous. No one has done it yet, but just in case, it never hurts to mention it.

And now, “I say good day!”


4 responses to “The Plug”

  1. Tigerblade Avatar

    Heh, sorry about the messed up comment thing – I recently recoded some of my comment system and missed a few characters… No wonder I haven’t had any new comments on it for a few days.
    Glad you enjoyed the article… the inspiration actually came to me as I was sitting in my 9:30am OrgTheory class (talk about fuzzy-brain feeling) listening to moronic fools attempt to speak. It’s like observing chimps, really. Just less swinging and more grunting.


  2. hulk Avatar

    HOSE HIM DOWN! That’s it. I’m making a point of not reading your posts from now on.

    BTW – Reacting to temporary changes in statistics is actually making the problem worse in most cases. There’s a whole lot of research that’s been done on this in industry. We can put the site stats into a control chart and that’ll tell you if things have actually changed on the site. I should’ve suggested it before. My bad. Oh wait, I forgot I hate you for the “Hose him down” comment. I’M CLEAN ENOUGH, DAMNIT!


  3. Blue Midget Avatar
    Blue Midget

    Tigerblade – It’s a great article, and the discussion below is just as interesting. And uh, I’m not sure what exactly an “OrgTheory” class would consist of, but my brain is fuzzy trying to figure it out. Better you than me? No, haha, just kidding.

    Hulk – I can’t help myself! I sit on the site all day, hitting the refresh button over and over, inflating the stats. I like to write these posts to give everyone the perception that we have actual readers, but really it’s just me hitting the site repeatedly along with visits from you, redshift, Tigerblade and Etanisla. We’re a crazy bunch.


  4. Tigerblade Avatar

    “OrgTheory” = Organizational Theory and Effectiveness. According to the course catalog, it’s “an analysis of organization theory. A study of classical and modern organization theory. Relationships among theory, design and behavior variables and organizational effectiveness are examined.” Sounds fun, eh? The worst part is that it’s actually one of my better classes.

    And it’s ok about pretending you have readers… I like to convince myself that my average of 200+ visits per day aren’t mostly just from me.


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