Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies

by blue midget

I’m always on the hunt for an amazing cookie recipe. When I am out in public, I subconsciously scan magazine racks for the latest and greatest that our so-called “culinary experts” have to offer. Once in a while, and especially around the holidays, the “best ever cookies” headlines will appear. By now I should know better than to trust these headlines, but I am a sucker: On the off-chance that one of these magazines has just one cookie recipe that meets my standards, I consider it a victory.

But alas, finding a good cookie recipe is nearly impossible to find. The “winning” cookie recipes usually leave me disappointed. I expect magnificence, but get mediocrity. I demand the exciting, but get the uninspiring. Do the cuisine magazines and food divas of today really know what we want to eat? Or is it that so few people are cooking, we’re just happy to eat anything that isn’t from a box or bag? Maybe I am on to something. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us could only rate cookies into two categories: store-bought grade and homemade grade.

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