The Valerie Plame Scandal, Or: I’m a Secret Agent, Damnit

by hulk

Ok, here’s how I understand the Valerie Plame thing. Oh wait, no. I’m gonna diverge for a while.

So about three years ago, I was an intern with a German chemical company. I worked in a small lab with some trailer trash and my Chinese boss. I call this woman trailer trash because she literally was trash. Ragged clothes and hair and way too much makeup, and all she could do is tell stories all day, either about how her third truck (literally) had broken down, or how her husband can’t get a job. Then she’d make up stuff once in a while. She spent most of the day talking, even when I tried to show her I was more interested in getting work done. I was a freaking intern and I got through a hell of a lot more work than she did, even though she was a slightly higher position than me.

She was also horrible with instructions, and screwed up constantly. Now, some screw-ups are expected on a regular basis in a chemical job. But not on the same machine every time you go to use it. And not huge screw-ups either, like running a ton of samples and not labeling anything so the data is all useless. Anyway. Finally one day she decides to make it worse by getting political. We all know politics should be mentioned sparingly in the office. Especially, never say “Those damn Asians keep moving into my neighborhood and ruining it with their high-pitched jabbering” when your boss is Chinese and standing right there. Now my boss had too much class to say anything. She just failed to renew her temp contract when it came up. Then she told me (almost conspiratorially) later, and I told her how thankful I was that she got rid of the trailer trash.

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Calling Gary Gnu

by blue midget

Every week as I am searching around the internet for newsworthy items, I will sometimes run across snippets from sources that I am not familiar with, i.e., never heard of in my life. And since I do not really like to write more than one news summary per week, I try to be selective about what I rehash here. For example, early last week I found a strange snippet about Marilyn Manson coming out with a new fragrance. I wanted to put this into last week’s summary, but I had never heard of this website before, and I couldn’t find anyone remotely credible that knew anything about it either. And it’s not like I’m friends with the guy so I can’t really phone him or his “people” to confirm the story. A couple of days later, even Fark was reporting the news of this new fragrance, but I hadn’t heard of the website they were linking either. And after everyone else started mentioning it, I didn’t want to mention it anymore. Although, I’m not sure why I am concerned with reporting “factual” information anyway, since no one else is.

Speaking of which… Out to prove to the public that the media lies, Michelle Kosinski of “The Today Show” was reporting on location about the New Jersey floods, live on camera, sitting in a canoe to demonstrate the severity of the flooding… as two men walked in front of the camera, the water only up to their ankles. By the way, there’s probably a job opening on “The Today Show” if any up and coming reporters are looking for a job. Qualifications include a minor in theatre. The link I added goes to Newsbusters, and if you scroll down a bit on their article, you can click to download the canoe debacle. Whatever happened to trustworthy, ethical news sources? Someone bring back Gary Gnu – that’s a name you can trust.

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