The Real Shake on Harriet Miers

by blue midget

I’ve received questions from a couple of people now, asking what the real deal with Harriet Miers is. If you haven’t been able to follow the hand grenades being lobbed around, or you’re intentionally trying to avoid the whole thing, I don’t blame you one bit. Given that all of my information on Miers was obtained via the media, I can’t promise that all I am about to say is entirely true. But it’s all been in the media, whatever that means.

To start, Wikipedia has a summary on Miers, including biography, awards, government service, career, blah blah blah. Down at the bottom there are a variety of news links and various websites pertaining to her. Click if you feel lucky. Well, do ya, punk?

Miers was a top attorney in Texas who received all kinds of merits and awards, and has been a pioneer as a female attorney (check Wiki for details). Honestly, she really has done a lot, but on the other hand she’s not had any judicial experience, although I’m not totally sure that it’s all so important, as others have become Justices without any previous judicial experience. Anyway, she was close to the Bush family for about a decade, and now that he’s President, she became one of his close advisors.

So now she’s nominated as Justice and all kinds of greeting cards (wtf) have come into the media as fuel for conservatives who are angry that Bush would promote his friends, rather than someone who would make a great Justice. Yes, I said “greeting cards” and not “important secret conspiracy memos”. The cards and memos from Miers all say things like “you’re the best governor ever”, “you’re the greatest” and “I hope your kids know how cool their parents are” and all other kinds of things that you’d write on a greeting cards. At any rate, it is my personal opinion that conservatives are pissed that they didn’t get nominated instead of her, since we’re going on the favoritism system here. You have to admit, the greeting cards in the media is getting a little silly. Sorry, I didn’t want to get too much opinion in this, just the facts.

Remember when I said we were going to get a Mini-Bush? Well, because Bush has known Miers for so long, he is confident that she will not change her opinion 20 years down the line — as it stands now, she has always believed in the same things that Bush does (morally, religiously, politically), and he wants to make sure that he’s got a Justice who will uphold his own beliefs over the next 20 – 30 years. Miers will do that.

So there you go.