The Entitlement Society, Or: Massa need to rebuild New Orleans

by hulk

I am about to write my most racist rant ever. You will probably find it vile, spiteful, and those wussy liberals who I know read this site but don’t post will cry. This is rage for rage’s sake and I’m going to enjoy it.

You’ll notice I haven’t been as angry as usual lately. I’ve been suppressing. It’s wrong to get into politics, I say to myself, because I’ll just get angry and I won’t try to understand the other point of view and I wish everyone could stop conflicting with each other. Well you know what? Repression is just wrong. Repression hasn’t helped anything. My anxiety has gone through the roof the past few months because I’ve tried to repress anger. Now it gets unleashed, and just be grateful I’m not the type to unleash my anger on a bank.

I started picturing in my head today the potential race between Hillary and Condi. The image popped into my mind as they talked about it on Fox and Friends this morning. It is obvious to me that Hillary would say something sassy like, “I’m more of a nigger than you are, bitch”, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would cry and clap and it’d be ok she said nigger because she’s a Democrat. That makes it totally ok. If anyone else says it, they must be a racist. But by some bizarre twist of logic it’s ok to use that word if you have the little (D) next to your name. No, dude, it’s cool, I can say shit like that because, like, I totally believe the opposite of what I’m saying. And there’d be t-shirts saying “Don’t Sell Out” (I heard about a black guy running for mayoral office giving out t-shirts like this). It’d be all about sticking together and doing what’s best for the black community which always means voting for the candidate who will give more money to the sinkholes that are inner cities while blaming white police for the black-on-black crimes that occur.

The biggest problem in the black community today is that they are waiting for help. They expect it to come from outside. Meanwhile you have a serious problem with fathers actually staying around to raise their children, everyone buying into the rap culture, and money that should be spent on food and clothes is instead being spent on jewelry and cars and stereos and just about everything else you can get from a pawn shop or a “Rent-to-Own”. Keep in mind I’m going to continue making generalizations here. Generalizations don’t allow for exceptions, of which I’m sure there are several. But they do a fairly good job of describing the majority of the population.

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the other problem. I’m getting to it. Human beings are addicted to drama. I wake up each morning secretly hoping that some major asteroid hit France so I can see some really cool images on the TV while I eat my cereal. I hope something exciting and real happens. We all felt it with the tsunami, and also with Katrina and Rita. Hell, I bet most of us hoped Rita would obliterate the Texas coast just so we could see something cool. Instead we get images of Nagin being a jackass and saying that New Orleans residents can go back, oh wait no, someone wiser than me said that’s a bad idea so everyone leave again, oh wait no, it’s ok, go back and feel free to take a shower even though you can’t drink the water. That’s right, he said that. It somehow makes sense to bathe in water that would kill you if it touched your lips. Make sure to wash your genitals really well, I’m sure no urinary tract infections will occur. IDIOT.

Where am I going with this? Young men and women in the inner cities are just as addicted to drama as the rest of us. However, without the restrictions of the social structure that we have in the suburbs, they feel it’s perfectly appropriate to shoot each other over the drug trade and whether or not you’re from the east side or the west side. Side of the tracks, side of the river, side of the convention center, side of Jimmy’s Shoes and Food Mart. If those niggers from the west side so much as look at the east side, you better believe we’re going to “roll” on those bitches. Or something like that.

What’s interesting is that I’ll get accused of racism for saying all these things, yet there’s nothing inherently racial about black people’s problems. It’s certainly not in their DNA. And culture is only the thing passed from one generation to the next. The culture of entitlement, however, is what is primarily passed on from one generation of inner city blacks to the next. Take the situation of a young black mother. She’s probably 15, got knocked up by that powerful member of the gang on the corner who sells drugs; he left immediately. Or he got shot. Or both. She has the baby, meets another random guy… without easy access to and knowledge of birth control, she gets knocked up again. Her boys grow up, get killed on the streets, she wants an answer. She wants a solution. Someone to blame is a great solution. Why does she have to be poor and in hell when all those white people are riding around going to the Opera downtown and avoiding the black beggars on the streets? Blame whitey!

The problem is that there’s nothing white people can do for black people, at least in the terms that are commonly discussed. Affirmative Action. Well, sure, but there’s no way Tyrone from the streets even wants that managerial position at Target. More jobs. There are jobs and they aren’t even held for long. Again, Tyrone isn’t gonna work at McDonald’s. He wants to roll with his homies, or buy shit, or steal shit. Let’s imagine a scenario. (Start Fantasy) GM opens a factory in the inner city. Black people start working on the line. Some of them get promoted into management, once they pass a GED. They start getting money, and therefore property, and therefore respect for themselves. They start respecting their property and the property of others. Better values start getting passed around and the city gets nice again. I’d love for all this to happen but it’s optimistic at best, a complete fantasy at worst. Factory life has never been glamorous, even Russians beat their wives and drink away their paychecks and they’re white as hell. On top of that, management would be constantly struggling with the drug trade and gang warfare coming into the factory. There might be a shootout, a fire might start, and some idiot might get the smart idea to sue the company for eleventy billion dollars because they stubbed their toe while mopping and that’s a workplace hazard. (End Fantasy)

There is good work being done in the inner city. If you work in a halfway house, or one of those local, direct-help social groups, God bless you. I salute you, because you have to deal with this shit and still motivate yourself to help people in the inner city. I do think jobs are the best way to help inner city blacks but it’s a long hard road and it requires tons more police. A stadium isn’t going to do it. Slavery reparations won’t do it. Free money from the government won’t do it. A food kitchen won’t do it. Showing these people that they have to start helping themselves is the only way to start. They need to start beating the following into little black boys:

  1. If you get Sharice Johnson knocked up, you better stick around and raise that damn kid.
  2. You don’t need spinners for a BMW you can’t afford. Get a savings account and have some respect for yourself.
  3. It doesn’t really matter if Leshawn “rolled” on your homies. Put down the gun and play some basketball. This gang nonsense is almost comical.
  4. Crack is bad. Crack is very, very, very bad. Stay away from that shit.

Then they need to take both black boys and girls and teach them about birth control and being safe. No mention of abstinence because that’s dumb.

Allright. Which of you liberals wants to be first to get on your high horse and point out what an asshole I am?

Just try flaming once. You sissies.