New Adagio Tea Sampler

by blue midget

On Friday, I received an email from Adagio Teas featuring a holiday sampler. The sampler consists of six different looseleaf teas: candy apple, candy cane, chestnut, cranberry, gingerbread, and pumpkin spice — for only $11. I buy! In fact, for that price I bought an extra one as a gift for my dad. After all, the holidays are approaching and I need to think ahead.

Friday was when I bought them, and they arrived today. Gotta love quick service. I didn’t get a chance to try them all, but I did break out the gingerbread tea. My first perception on this sampler was that all of these teas would be really sweet, however the gingerbread was surprisingly not. It has a great mix of spices, and was absolutely delicious. And, funnily enough, quite calming. Adagio also included a free sampler of the gingerbread tea in my box, so anyone who makes an order will get one of the new holiday flavors as a complimentary gift. I have no idea if everyone receives gingerbread or if it’s a random selection from the holiday sampler. At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised by the tea, and I would highly recommend it. So far, anyway. Tonight when I get home, I’m going to try the cranberry.

Ask Blue Midget Absolutely Nothing

by blue midget

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve received any emails to my Ask Blue Midget address, which is a big problem for my “Ask Blue Midget” column. Therefore, I will have to resort to sending myself emails.

Dear Myself,

What did you do this weekend?

Your pal,

Hi Pal! Thanks for sending me an email. You know, I feel so close to you, like I could tell you anything. In fact, I’m going to upgrade you from “pal” to “best friend evar”! We’ll be a dynamic duo – like Britney Spears and Cheetos!

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