Prime Opportunity to win the PR War, Or: Congress is full of bastards

by hulk

So the death toll is climbing in India, Pakistan, and Kashmir. It’s up to 20,000. I would recommend waiting until the dust has cleared a bit before making a donation so that the authorities have time to figure out where money should go. Should you like to make a donation now, I would recommend the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies. The Red Crescent is essentially the Islamic version of the Red Cross.

This may sound horrible, but it’s still true: This is a prime opportunity to win the PR war. Let’s show the extremists that they’re wrong. America can be a good place. We’ve listened to tons of whining about people being sheltered in the various super / astro / mega / ginormous / ultra / super-duper-special-happy-family-fun domes getting a cold sub after the first week. That’s the biggest problem in America. If your belongings get washed away, you have to find a new job and a new home and you get a cold sub. Guess what you do in India/Pakistan/Kashmir? In many cases you suffer a lot more. I don’t know. I’ve never been there. I do know they don’t have nearly as much money as us. Being poor in America is nothing compared to being poor there.

Honestly, I think your donation is better spent helping these people than helping New Orleans people move back into their city-which-shouldn’t-exist-in-the-first-place-because-it’s-below-sea-level. The mayor is clearly an idiot, and he’s hoping casinos will give him the revenue to rebuild his town. Oh and by the way, feel free to shower even though you’ll die if that water touches your lips. IDIOT. He’s desperate to bring his city back, which I understand. It’s home. However, he’s playing this very politically and not taking an overall view of the situation. He should be considering options, as should all the government officials involved. Instead, they’re going to spend billions. Members of Congress are rushing to spend our tax dollars to generate sympathy. Oh look at me, I’m sponsoring this bill to give more money to a sugar research foundation in New Orleans to give them back some jobs. Oh, it’s so hard to spend the taxpayers money. Remember to vote for me! It’s just the career politician problem though. They don’t recognize how far away they are from our actual interests. Mostly, their aim is to get in that soundbite in the news that we’ll remember so they get re-elected. Because hey, they’re different, and they know they can make a difference – if only they can get re-elected.

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