Romancing the Commander

by blue midget

I love a good conspiracy theory. Add that to my penchant for cynicism, and you’ll know exactly what I was thinking last night when I sat down to watch the premiere of “Commander in Chief” with Geena Davis: The secret powers that be are warming up the population for a female president. Yeah I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but I wouldn’t it past them – whoever they are. I’m not sure who “them” is; some secret person or persons who really make all the decisions. Perhaps it’s the Illuminati or Xenu, maybe even Colonel Sanders before he went tits up. I’m not really sure whom exactly, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that someone government related was sponsoring this television program to ready the nation for a female president. I don’t think it will be Hillary or Condi, as the press is frothing at the mouth with, but I do find it highly likely that a female candidate will run when the next couple of generations are old enough to vote. This television show is a strong first step in readying the mindset of the next few waves of voters, and everyone, everywhere, seems to be speaking their mind about the romanticism of a female president.

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