100,000 Whiners Can’t Be Wrong

by blue midget

This afternoon I was writing up the weekly news report (since I haven’t done it in two weeks) when I reached the portion about the anti-war protests at the White House this weekend and Cindy Sheehan’s arrest. And that was when it happened: I felt the hate rise up within me and explode onto the page. It was in danger of taking over the article, so I cut it out and decided to stick it here instead. You’ll get the regular news report tomorrow, but in the meantime, you’re stuck with my opinion.

This weekend, over one-hundred thousand people camped outside of the White House, protesting the war in Iraq, among other things. During the protest, police had to keep telling Sheehan and her fellow protestors to “keep moving”, and not sit down on the sidewalk. After having to tell them on three different occasions, the message was still not sinking in and the police started making arrests. Cindy Sheehan was the first to be arrested, while protestors chanted, “The world is watching.” Okay, whatever you say, crazy people.

On a personal note, I’ve tried staying out of the whole Cindy Sheehan debate. Up until now, there isn’t a lot that I’ve said about her. When her mother had a stroke, I hoped that she would be gone from the media forever, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, she has rekindled the anti-war fire. And that’s fine; I respect her right to protest and share her opinion. However, I need to get this out of my system before I detonate on everyone, lashing out with unbridled hate, saying things I don’t really mean. So here’s my whole take on Cindy Sheehan, and I’ll try to keep it brief:

My brother is a Navy pilot. A couple of years ago, he was called up to serve in Iraq. It was a very scary time as my only sibling, whom I am very close to, was going to a strange place whose history was marred with violence. When he came home, he told us stories about how it was obvious that the true Iraqis wanted peace and freedom, and were grateful for what we (as well as other nations) were doing there. It’s funny that you don’t hear much of those reports in the news. But I won’t lie; I was relieved when he came home in one piece. Had he been killed in Iraq, I would have been devastated. I can’t imagine how that would feel as a mother. However, it is my personal opinion that by carrying on in this fashion, she has cheapened her son’s death, as well as the deaths of every other soldier and Iraqi who has died. I find it extremely hypocritical that she will admonish Congress members who backed Bush and the Iraq war by saying, “Shame on you. How many more of other people’s children are you willing to sacrifice?” and leading a chant of “Not one more,” when innocent Iraqis have been dying. So, what Cindy Sheehan really means is, “How many more Americans are you willing to sacrifice, because I don’t care what happens to the Iraqis.” No matter how you slice it, at this point in the war, we’re beyond whether or not we should be there. Right now if everyone pulled out of Iraq, the country would be even worse off than before we invaded. I can appreciate everyone’s debates about whether Bush was right or wrong, but right now the bottom line is, if we leave Iraq right now, those people will be completely screwed – and that would be an even bigger crime than invading them in the first place, if that’s your take on things.

So there you have it. I’m all done now and I feel much better.