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Over the next couple of months there are some important things happening. Basically, it’s my chance to tell you what awesome books and games are being released, as well as some holidays and their history – for both U.S. and Canada (Annual Bathtub Races!). I don’t really have a beat on what’s happening for movies because they’re so expensive and so lame as of late that I haven’t really been paying attention. But if you know of any that needs mentioning, post below in the comments section with a date. Or if I missed anything else that you feel is particularly worth noting, comment below.

Wednesday, September 21
ABC’s Lost – That’s tomorrow people, so get on the ball! If you want to catch up, here is a site that gives you a general rundown for each episode. For more details and spoilers, click “Recap” under each episode listing. It’s definitely worth catching up on for tomorrow night.

Monday, September 26
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is released for PS2 – Great game for all ages, fun quests and puzzles, a whole lot of fun. Thumbs up for Sly and the gang. I have a friend who has played the last two with his six year old daughter, and confirms that they are age appropriate – for the both of them.

Tuesday, September 27
Family Guy: Stewie Griffin, the Untold Story DVD. Previously unseen material except by those who have been downloading it for free. He commands you to buy it.

Monday, October 3
Oktoberfest Ends — Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to drink as much beer as you possibly can until Oktoberfest ends. Do we have any readers who are beer connoisseurs? Post below with your recommendations and we’ll get it added here.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, begins at sundown. Party like it’s 1999, Chosen People of God!

First of Ramadan, a Muslim holy month of fasting and introspect.

Tuesday, October 11
Quake 4!!! Our eyes will dry out and we’ll never blink again! If only it had a /pizza command…

New Robert Jordan Book, Knife of Dreams, the on-going saga that just won’t leave us alone. Aaargh! I gave up after the fourth book, but for anyone who is still plowing through this series, here you go.

(Canada) Thanksgiving – I’m not Canadian, but my last boss was and on every Thanksgiving his wife would bring Nanaimo Bars to the office. Before then, I had never heard of the bars or the bay, but I became an instant fan. They are absolutely delicious. Coincidentally, Nanaimo is also where they hold the annual bathtub races, which is where a bunch of crazy Canadians trick out their bathtubs and race them across the bay. It’s also a very beautiful area, so if you can make it out that way, it would be well worth it.

Sunday, October 16
(U.S.) National Boss’ Day – I find it ironic that somehow it ended up on a Sunday, when most people don’t work. When I googled this, the first three listings were for gift places so my guess is that this isn’t a holiday at all, it’s just a big ploy from Hallmark to get you to buy more of their over-priced crap.

Monday, October 25
“Promise of the Witch-King”, the Sequel to “Servant of the Shard” by R.A. Salvatore. I didn’t think that the D&D type of books would be any good, but redshift read a couple of his books and thought they were surprisingly good. So, I thought it was definitely worth mentioning.

Sunday, October 30
Daylight Savings – Spring Forward, Fall Back. Which means, it’s the fall, so set your clocks back. We lose an hour. I hate daylight savings. The older I get, the more it messes me up in the morning. In case you missed it, there is a new Federal Law in place so that in 2007 we’ll get an extra month of daylight savings.

Monday, October 31
Halloween, aka “Satan’s Day” or “Wiccan Day” or “Play your D.C. Talk CD as Loud As You Can To Keep Out the Devil Day”. Here’s an interesting site that gives the history and origin of Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns, etc. If you aren’t comfortable celebrating Halloween, then don’t. I know a lot of Christians who choose to celebrate the Harvest season, so they can at least put out some leaves and scarecrows.

Tuesday, November 1
“Rachel Ray 365 – No Repeats: A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners” – A new cookbook from Rachel Ray. I’m not too big on celebrity chef cookbooks, but she really does have some great recipes.

Tuesday, November 8
New George R. R. Martin Book, “A Feast for Crows” – it’s about damn time.

Friday, November 11
(U.S.) Veterans’ Day (Formerly Armistice Day ). Those two links I snuck in there are worth the read.

(Canada) Remembrance Day – Similar to U.S. Veterans’ Day, a day of remembrance and honor for Canadian Soldiers who served and died. The Poppy is the symbol of this day.

Thursday, November 24
(U.S.) Thanksgiving Day where we stuff our faces. Next month, as we near Canadian Thanksgiving, we’ll start talking turkey. And stuffing. And pie. Mmm… Pie.


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