Bones: O.C. Meets The Closer; Distant Cousin of CSI

by blue midget

The TV Executive “recipe for success” is this: Take a look at the latest hit shows and create as many different variants, spin-offs, and hybrids of them as you possibly can. It’s a lot like the grunge movement, but with a lot less flannel. Fox Television’s “Bones” is one of those hopefuls, trying to jump into the police investigative crime scene genre.

David Boreananananananaaz plays Special Agent Seeley Booth. If you couldn’t guess from his “Special Agent” title or the name “Seeley Booth” that he’s super macho and has more street experience in his pinky-toe than all of us combined, that’s ok because the writing makes it even more painfully obvious. His macho ass is matched up with Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan, a mousey-looking lab rat genius who does not get out much and can understand bones more than other people. Oh and by the way, as the writers throw out there for no reason because it really does nothing for the story or plot, she’s got inner issues because she lost her parents when she was young. In fact, much of the characters’ facets and personalities were carelessly and pointlessly thrown out to the audience in a very cursory way, instead of letting the characters unfold, and told plainly, rather than giving the audience credit for being able to figure some things out on their own. I found this annoying, at best.

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