Bad Karma

by blue midget

This weekend, an unprecedented event occurred. In fact, I could scarcely believe it myself when it happened: I actually finished a game.

While this may seem like a relatively common event for most people, it isn’t for me. In my long history of gaming, I have only been able to finish two games in my entire life. That’s right, just two. Through a freak series of accidents, I will normally get to the very end of a game, in some cases down to the very last two or three fights, and something completely out of my control will happen and I will not be able to finish. Whether the computer blows up or my memory card suddenly becomes corrupted and unreadable, I cannot see the ending of a game. (By the way, I’m a ninja.)

You could possibly say that I have finished three games, but I wouldn’t count the third. Last summer, a friend of mine recommended Sacred, saying we could play it together. (I’m a sucker for playing games with friends.) Despite how buggy it was, I was completely addicted, and went on into the game a lot farther than he had. It’s a great game. First of all, the world is absolutely immense. When I finished the first few quests of the game and had tromped all over the area, I checked my stats and realized with surprise that I had only discovered 2% of the world. The main storyline doesn’t even take you into 10% of the gaming map – the game gives you the opportunity to forget about the main quest indefinitely to tromp off to other towns for quests and adventure elsewhere. If you’re the kind of person who insists on doing every single side quest and filling in every single part of the map, this may or may not be the game for you because it would take quite a while to finish. At any rate, I loved the game and really thought, with great excitement, that this may be the second game ever that I would finish, but no, it was not meant to be. At one point near the end, the game informs you that your character must go back and repeat everything on a higher level before you can continue on and finish the game. Screw that. I moved on to the next game.

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Update from The Editing Room

by blue midget

The Editing Room has updated its website with the abridged script from The Dukes of Hazzard. Jessica Simpson fans will be crushed to hear that she has completely been removed from the script, but has been replaced by her tits. Enjoy.