Chapter Four – More Bad News

by blue midget

The sun was setting over the rocky wasteland into hues of red and orange that bled across the sky. The air was growing crisp and cool, as if the sun was stealing away all warmth with it. Rising in its place, a large, silvery orb the locals referred to as the First Moon cast its eerie pale light upon the face of the planet. There was no movement along the lifeless crust aside from a medium-sized, triangular glider, whose silver body reflected the light with a ghostly glow. Hovering one meter above the ground, it sped along toward a sudden outburst of vegetation that seemed to stop all at once, as if the angry red and brown rock had set a line of demarcation that life on the planet did not dare cross.

Set into the tropical forest, about twenty meters back from where the rock ends and the vegetation begins, a massive barrier had been erected. The wire mesh fence was buried twenty-five meters deep into the ground and rose up twice as high. It encircled the entire area controlled by the Terra Unit, which spanned over four-thousand square kilometers. Lights flashed along the top and slashed diagonally down the center of the gate. Next to the gate, a metal tower had been built into the barrier, and a strobe at the top suddenly cast its stark light that was barely visible amidst the vivid sunset onto the oncoming craft. From the glider, it was unclear as to how many guards occupied the tower, but standing near the gate there appeared to be five security officers carrying military-grade energy weapons, their eyes on the approaching craft.

Out of reflex, Jaydi checked the pistol resting on her hip, hidden under her jacket. She glanced sideways at Bo, but his face was masked as he drove on toward the security gate.

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