Escape from New Orleans

by blue midget

Someone get on the horn and call Snake Plissken. Just when we thought the devistation from Hurricane Katrina couldn’t get any worse, it did. What more can I say that hasn’t already been said? The area is destroyed, homes and lives are devastated, families are separated and the dead are everywhere, threatening the living with sickness… And somehow, assholes are making matters worse. Reports are coming in of bands of young men raping women, police no longer tolerating looting, even if it’s for food — which is ironic because earlier in the week, there were reports of police looting going on. I ask you: Why in the hell is it that when we are faced with tragedy, danger and anarchy, a handful of assholes see fit to make things worse? If aliens exist on other planets, it’s little wonder as to why they avoid Earth.

And here I am, ready to hit you with another PSA: When the water has been pumped out and the city has been cleaned, don’t forget that many of these people were in poverty conditions to begin with and will have no money to rebuild their homes. Right now it’s estimated that the water in New Orleans will be drained within 36 – 80 days. When that happens, the people who were too impoverished to have insurance on their homes will have nowhere to go. Many, many people will need your help as much as they do right now. When the water is gone and relief seems near, don’t forget.

Also, if you have not yet heard, rapper Kayne West has his head up his ass. A celebrity telethon was being held to raise funds for the hurricane victims, and because Kayne West is now suddenly en vogue, he was paired up with Mike Meyers to speak. Instead of sticking to the script, he turned it into his own political agenda, saying George Bush hates black people and that the only reason the government hasn’t moved sooner to help is because the people in trouble are black. Unfortunately, he probably would have done a lot more good had he just stuck to the script instead of turning it into a Bush-jihad. I’d like to take this time to point out that if this had happened in California, it would have been predominantly Latino and if it had somehow miraculously happened in Kentucky, it would have been predominantly white trash. It’s the demograph.

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